Get Your Hands On This Feminist Kid's Tee

Of all the big box retail stores, Target has been perhaps the most loudly and proudly on the side of acceptance. Recently, many customers went crazy for a "Strong Like Mom" shirt that challenged traditional gender stereotypes. Now, many are wondering if you can still buy Target's "Strong Like Mom" tee shirt. Good news, parents and kids who'd like to send an open-minded, feminist message to the world! That awesome shirt is still up on the website.

It's no surprise that the children's clothing market is heavily gendered, with pinks abounding for girls, while boys are all about the blues. Girls get princesses and sparkles, boys get trucks and superheroes. Before kids are even old enough to know who they are and what they like, they are sent the message that there's a particular set of qualities that go along with their gender. The "Strong Like Mom" shirt, from a company called Cat & Jack, offers a welcome alternative to all the "Flirt" and "Daddy's Little Princess" shirts that parents are inundated with, shirts that tend to present little girls as valuable for their looks while little boys get all the other stuff. The shirt comes in a dark blue color. And it serves as a pretty great compliment for strong moms everywhere, too!

Strong Like Mom T-Shirt, $6, Target

And the best part? The shirt is available for girls and for boys. Often, boys don't get clothing aligning them with their mothers, unless it's something semi-Oedipal like "Mommy's Little Heartbreaker." To be able to proudly proclaim that a little boy can aspire to be as strong as his mother is really freaking empowering.

Target has been on the receiving end of a socially conservative backlash recently, after announcing that not only was it committed to allowing transgender employees and customers to use the bathrooms that align with their gender identity, but that it was going to spend $20 million to expand bathroom options in Target stores. Angry conservatives announced an #AnywhereButTARGET campaign around Black Friday this past year, up in arms over the company's so-called "dangerous social agenda." So, hey, maybe now is a perfect time to support the retailer by purchasing this feminist shirt.

Luckily, the "Strong Like Mom" shirts are still available for both girls and boys on the Target website, and they're only $6. But who knows how long they may last? After all, there's a gaping hole in the market for interesting, empowering shirts like this one, so they're bound to go quick.