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Look No Further If You Want To Catch Up On 'The Bachelor'

There are many reasons why you might be looking to stream The Bachelor. Perhaps you missed out on the first few episodes of Season 23 and now you need to catch up with Colton. Maybe you don't have a cable provider, or you just want to rewatch everything that's unfolded so far. Regardless of why, if you need to know whether or not you can stream The Bachelor on Hulu, then look no further.

The Bachelor may not be on Netflix but it's still easily streamable. Every new episode pops up on Hulu shortly after it airs on ABC, so if you're already subscribed then you're in luck. If you're not, then you can always sign up for a free trial and use that time to see how Colton's search for the perfect partner has been going. There have only been four episodes so far, so if you haven't started the new season, then you're not too far behind. Episodes air every Monday and should appear on Hulu within a few days of their premiere.

But while Hulu has got you covered, it's also not the only option available. There are a few other streaming services that you can watch The Bachelor on.

According to Refinery29, in addition to Hulu and Hulu Live TV, you can stream The Bachelor on Sling TV, DirecTV Now, and YouTube TV. They all have different price points, though they fall under $50 a month, but most offer free trials so you can see if the service works for you. Another option is to watch the show on the ABC website. But you do need a login from a cable provider for some episodes, which might make things trickier. Still, if all else fails, then you can always go right to the source with ABC.

However, Hulu is a reliable place to find episodes of The Bachelor. And you won't want to miss this season, though some fans were apprehensive ahead of the premiere. While talking to Entertainment Weekly before Episode 1, creator Mike Fleiss said that Colton "represents the biggest potential to create a lot of drama and romance." Whether or not that proved to be true is up to the viewer; you can make up your own mind when you settle in to watch on Hulu.

There have been a couple of feuds in the house, though. Caelynn and Hannah had some issues, but managed to put their issues behind them; Courtney and Demi haven't been the best of friends, either. There are usually a few spats between contestants in a season of the show, but they can resolve either with a heartfelt chat or someone being sent home. The jury is still out on how things will go with Courtney and Demi.

While drama between the women in the house is one aspect of the show, the biggest question viewers have revolves around who Colton will fall in love with. And it's still early enough in the season that it could go any number of ways. Fans will have to wait and see who wins Colton's heart.