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Can't Strike? Watch The Women's Protests Online

On March 8, International Women's Day, the organizers of the Women's March on Washington are encouraging women everywhere to participate in the international strike taking place across the globe. But being able to strike is a luxury if you think about it. When you work for minimum wage (or even just above it), every hour of your shift matters. Some women might risk losing their jobs if they don't come in. Stay at home moms can't exactly just not feed their kids or change a diaper. So if you find yourself unable to strike, you might want to find a way to stream the Women's Strike so you can see all of the women taking to the streets to fight for your right to one day get longer and paid parental leave, fair wages, and change the mind of that (probably male) employer who just doesn't see "the point."

You can't exactly stream women not going to work, but there will likely also be protests organized in some cities, though there's no HQ event in D.C. like there was for January's Women's March. But that doesn't mean it won't happen. You can always check into CNN or network news and stream from your desktop with a cable authentication. But the best way might be just troll Twitter all day for and videos and Periscopes — because there will likely be a lot of really great ones.

The strike actually isn't being organized by the Women's March directly. After the success of the Women's March, they joined the International Women's Strike organization, which actually planned the March 8 action way before Trump won the election (he can't be behind everything, right?). It was actually planned in October, inspired by the women of Poland who held their own strike, known as "Black Monday" to protest a restrictive abortion law that criminalized any kind of abortion. And this past fall, seven women were murdered in Argentina. Yet Argentinian women were blocked from marching in protests that popped up all over South America. It was time to do something.

In response to the recent wave of anti-woman incidents across the globe the group organized with the the women in Poland — and now representatives from Ireland, Italy, Israel, South Korea, and Russia are involved. And strikes do work. The one in Poland forced legislators to rethink their abortion bill. In 1975, there was an strike in Iceland, when about 90 percent of women just didn't do a thing. (And they actually didn't provide childcare or cook, so uh, don't be shy if you want to participate.)

So this isn't necessarily about protesting Trump and his administration, but if that's what's got you fired up, go for it. And if you can't strike yourself, know that the revolution will likely be televised (or at least tweeted about) and that there are women all over the world doing it in your name.