Can You Use A Sex Egg To Strengthen Your Pelvic Muscles?

When researching anything related to sexual health and pleasure, three words pop up time and again: pelvic floor strength. Getting those muscles in good working order appears to be the secret to the sexual universe. But because these muscles aren't covered in a typical workout class, a little guidances may be necessary. Yes, you can always do Kegels, but can you use toys to help? Specifically, can you use a sex egg to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles? You may never look at a piece of jade or quartz the same way again.

First, what are sex eggs? They look like a semiprecious gemstone necklace from any Etsy shop, but the purpose is not decorative. Also known as a love egg or jade egg, these tools have been used for thousands of years by concubines and empresses of China, at least according to This lore has given the pretty, polished stones quite a modern following.

So how does this help your pelvic muscles? According to Your Tango, inserting a sex egg into the vagina may help a person perform Kegel exercises more efficiently than ever, leading to super-strong pelvic floor muscles. Basically, the egg acts as a sort of dumbbell for the vagina.

Does research back up these claims of super-powered pelvic muscles from polished gemstone eggs? There does not appear to be a wealth of study on the subject. According to the website for People, however, the constant clenching necessary to keep the egg in place might not be the best way to train pelvic floor muscles. Rather, you should be contracting and relaxing the muscle with some good old-fashioned Kegel exercises. As further noted by People, there may also be concerns about the porous stones harboring harmful bacteria.

For a more modern take on the sex egg idea, a Kegel trainer device could be considered. According to the website for Women's Health, devices such as the Elvie or KGoal offer feedback on pelvic floor strength, and they even provide ways to monitor workout progress. Additionally, they are easy to clean and sanitize. Whether you want to try a high-tech trainer, pretty yoni stone, or no-frills kegel exercises, there are many options for pelvic floor training — some likely more effective than others.