Here's How You Can Visit Meri's Bed & Breakfast From 'Sister Wives'

by Mishal Ali Zafar

If you’re a fan of Sister Wives, you probably know how much passion and dedication Meri put into starting her bed and breakfast. Despite all the financial and emotional hurdles she faced with her family, Meri now runs one of the most successful inns in Utah. Her place is beautiful, and if you're hoping to make it your next vacation spot, you’re probably wondering, can you visit Meri’s bed and breakfast from Sister Wives?

The answer is yes. You can visit Meri’s bed and breakfast, officially called Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. The inn is located in Parowan, Utah, and according to its website, it is nestled in one of the first southern Utah settlements. The home was built by Meri’s great-great-grandparents — the Adam’s family — in 1870 and is named after her great-grandmother, Lizzie. When visiting, you can stay in one of four charming rooms — the Bee Room, the East Room, the Grandma Room, and Sarah’s Room. The rates (which are subject to change) currently run from $125 to $155 per night, depending on which room you choose.

Each room features cozy country decor, but also has all the creature comforts you would need for a relaxing vacation. “All of our accommodations are complete with deeply comfortable mattresses, period furniture, modern bath accommodations,” the website description reads. “In addition, you’ll find gas fireplaces, thick luxurious bed coverings, plump oversized pillows, and antique four-poster beds. The walls in our rooms are papered in petit fleur coverings and a superb collection of 19th century photo art can be found throughout the inn.”

Meri has been passionate about opening her bed and breakfast since Season 12 of Sister Wives, when she first told Kody and the family about her plans. She told them how important it was for her to buy her ancestral home, but Kody and the rest of the wives didn’t think it would be a good investment. “I’ve struggled, personally, not to see it as sort of self-indulgent, that it’s never been about the family, it’s just been about Meri needing this house in her family,” Kody said on the show. “It’s never been about how it could benefit our children.”

When Kody finally considered investing, he suggested that he and the other wives be on the board of directors, where they would have the power to tell Meri how to run the business. “This is my baby,” Meri said in a confessional. “They don’t care about the house or the bed and breakfast business. Once I get this house done, I don’t want to have any more business meetings about my house. I want to run my business my way.”

In the first episodes of Season 13, Meri forged ahead alone, and managed to buy the home and start her passion project. Her hard work and dedication seems to have paid off. Lizzie’s Heritage Inn is now ranked as “The Best Country Inn” by The Official Best Of Utah and it has earned four and five star ratings across TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Facebook.

If you’re planning a trip to Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, be sure to make a reservation — by phone or website — ahead of time. While you may not see Meri there, you will get a taste of the historic Utah charm she is passionate about, and of course, you’ll get exclusive bragging rights too.

New episodes of Sister Wives air Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.