Can You Watch Someone's Instagram Story More Than Once? Yes, But For A Limited Time


Instagram's own version of Snapchat has finally arrived to on smartphones everywhere. Users were a little confused on Tuesday to find that a new update — Instagram Stories — had been added to their Insta-feed, complete with colorful icons and everything. Whether Instagram users like the new update or not, there is still a lot to learn about it and some users may have questions pertaining to the new app's new features — questions like: "Can you watch someone's Instagram Story more than once?"

The answer is yes. But only for 24 hours (because people didn't expect them to be that different from Snapchat stories, right). That means that users should get a good glimpse at their favorite stories for the full day because they won't be on Instagram forever. But where can users watch the stories again and how do they do that?

Watching stories more than once on Instagram is super simple — and just like watching them for the first time. Simply click on the photo and username (highlighted in the colored ring) for the story you would like to watch. Once you click out of the story, it should still appear on your feed in the same order you watched without the colored ring. Users still have the ability to click on the story, even if it isn't highlighted with the colored ring (the coloring only indicates whether the story is unwatched or updated).

But what about users who watch a story in the morning and then realize a few hours later that they want to watch it again? Don't fear, Instagram users. While the top bar where the stories are located may be a little hard to navigate depending on how many people you follow (especially if you follow too many accounts, like me) — old stories aren't too hard to find. If you want to go back and watch a story you've already seen, scroll through the currently, colored circles to find the gray ones. Once you locate the account's story that you want to watch, click on it and watch it as many times as possible — or, as many times as you want within 24 hours.

Unlike regular Instagram posts, which are saved on profiles forever (until users delete them) an Instagram story will only be able to be watched in a limited time frame. According to Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, this story feed solves an existing problem within Instagram, as he explained to Tech Crunch:

It basically solves a problem for all these people who want to take a ton of photos of an event or something in their lives, but want to manage what their profiles look like and not bomb feed, obviously, as that's one of the no-no's on Instagram.

So go ahead — feel free to tap that icon more than once. And if you find a particularly embarrassing moment on one of your friend's Stories? Screenshot that thing immediately and enjoy it long after the 24 hour period is up.