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Cardi B Says Kulture Inspires Her To Be "On Her Grind" & Working Moms Can Def Relate

Cardi B is one hardworking mom. The rapper, spokeswoman, and mama to a 7-month-old daughter, Kulture, is constantly keeping herself busy and gets closer and closer to taking over the world each and every day. But Cardi B is going this for a reason — it's all for her baby girl (and her future babies). Working moms will love that Cardi B said she needs to be "on her grind" for Kulture, because it's something that reigns true to so many other working parents out there.

So many moms find purpose in their kids. Many wouldn't spend so much time in the office, or work as hard as they do if it wasn't for their kids. They want their children to enjoy the benefits of their success, to live comfortably, to not have to worry about not fitting in, and enjoy their childhood. And this is exactly why Cardi B is working so hard at the moment — she's doing it all for Kulture.

In a new interview with ABC News, Cardi B sat down to talk about motherhood and her consistently busy work schedule. Cardi B said that her life changed so quickly that it wasn't easy for her to adjust to her life with a newborn in it.

"It is hard, you know?" Cardi B told ABC News. "It's like certain things I just miss."

But, at the same time, Cardi B said that she doesn't miss these things too much — because she knows she's making a better life for her daughter. Cardi B told ABC News:

But it's like I just think to myself...her future's going to be so secure. Like, oh my gosh, she can have a Lambo when she's, like, 18. But, right now, I got to be in my grind. I'm going to have more kids, so.

So many moms know this to be true. They work hard, not only so they can enjoy the benefits from their success, but so that their kids can, too. And at the end of the day, that's the most rewarding thing ever.

But just because she is working hard so her daughter can drive a nice car one day doesn't mean that she is letting Kulture enjoy all of the fruits of her labor just yet. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, she said that she won't be dressing Kulture in a Gucci onesie anytime soon. Instead, she's sticking to clothes from Target. Cardi B said:

You buy so many clothes for babies and then the couture stuff and then the expensive name brand stuff you put it on her, and then it's like, right away she throws up, she drools, or she might crap on it, and she'll end up in a Target outfit, like a Target onesie. My best pictures and photos and videos of her, she's like in damn pajamas.

With a daughter as cute as hers, it makes sense why she would want more kids — and this isn't the first time that Cardi B has talked about just that. In a recent interview with People, the rapper said that she definitely wants a second child, she just wants to wait and learn more about being a mom, first. "It's not that easy to have a child, so you just want to learn more and more about the process and wait 'til they get a little bit bigger," she told People.

And in the meantime, Cardi B told ABC News that she has given up partying in exchange for taking this "mom thing" seriously:

I don't know, I did the parties when I was young. You know, I'm 26 now. I work almost 24 hours. I'm a mom. Once I'm in there, I'm in the party, like, I enjoy myself. But it's like, "I want to go home."

While Cardi B still has so much more to learn, she is clearly going to be working just as hard in the meantime so her future children can also benefit from her success. She sounds like one business minded mama with a plan who knows how to get things done.