Cardi B's daughter, Kulture, was unhappy while wearing the all-Gucci outfit her mom put her in over ...
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Cardi B's Daughter Wasn't Thrilled To Be Dressed In All Gucci

by Casey Suglia

Rapper Cardi B all "about that" mom life, especially dressing up her daughter in different fabulous outfits. But, Kulture will have to learn how to love the expensive clothes that Cardi puts on her, first. For example, in a new Instagram post, Kulture had mixed reactions to being dressed in head-to-toe Gucci by her enthusiastic mom.

Cardi's 1-year-old daughter with her husband, Offset, might as well be a miniature version of the singer herself. She's got some serious rhythm (as evidenced by the videos that Cardi shares of her little girl dancing), loves music (in January, Cardi said that Kulture is a fan of the song, "Baby Shark"), and reportedly has her "mom's energy", according to People. But she has not yet embraced her mom's amazing fashion sense.

Over the weekend, Cardi took to Instagram where she shared a boomerang of her little girl wearing a Gucci tracksuit, fanny pack, headband, and the sweetest matching shoes while watching a YouTube video on her mom's phone. Although Kulture seemed pretty content with her outfit, a few minutes later, Kulture wasn't as happy as before.

In the hilarious photo series Kulture can be seen smiling in her Gucci outfit one second and crying the next. There's no reason for her to be upset! I mean, she's wearing Gucci — it should be a rule that you can't cry in Gucci.

Even Cardi can't understand her little girl's reaction to her outfit. "Mom life look easy doesn't it?," Cardi wrote in the caption. "But Boooooyyyyy o boooooooyyy."

She has a point. One second, you're admiring the outfit you were able to throw together, the next second your kid is crying because they're not wearing their pajamas. Bottom line — dressing little kids can be very hard. Although Kulture might not appreciate the fact that her mom dressed her in head to toe Gucci right now (she will one day), Cardi's followers are beyond appreciative of the outfit.

"Of course she is so stylish," one commenter wrote.

"Kulture is a fashion icon," another commenter stated.

I mean, she has a point.

But just because Kulture is just as stylish as Cardi, it doesn't mean that she's taking after her completely. Cardi has said that her daughter doesn't resemble her or Offset — she resembles her younger sister, Hennessy, the most, according to People. But when it comes to her personality, Kulture is all Cardi. In July, Cardi took to Instagram where she wrote that Kulture has "the same energy and personality" as herself. "My baby is naturally hype, slick, and funny," she wrote in the caption of the post. "And ok yea a little attitude too but I'm putting that part on her dad," she added.

Based on everything that Cardi has said, Kulture is the perfect combination of her mom, dad, and Aunt Hennessy. Although she might not have embraced their status as fashion icons yet, she will definitely come around to loving Gucci sooner or later. Hopefully for her parents, it's sooner rather than later.