Carlin Bates' Due Date Is Just In Time For A Sweet Holiday

If you're a fan of Counting On, then chances are you're familiar with the Bates family. Not only are Kelly Jo and Gil Bates friends with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar — but the Tennessee couple happens to have 19 children, just like the Duggars. Also like the Duggars, the Bates seem to be experiencing a serious baby boom in recent months. And it turns out Carlin Bates' due date is just in time for Valentine's Day.

In case you need a refresher, Carlin, 21, married Evan Stewart, 24, on May 25 of this year. In typical Duggar/Bates fashion, the turnaround between marriage and a pregnancy announcement was lightning fast. That's because Carlin and Evan announced on Sept. 4 that they're expecting their first child. The mom-to-be shared her happy news exclusively with Romper at the time.

"We are beyond thrilled to be expecting our first child. Spending every day with your best friend and building a life together has already exceeded our happiest dreams," Carlin told Romper. She and Evan will be sharing their journey as first-time expecting parents on the upcoming season of Bringing Up Bates, which kicks off on Sept. 19 on UPtv. "We are so happy at the thought of parenting together," Carlin added. "Three at the table sounds perfect! God is so good."

Although she hasn't yet offered a specific due date, Carlin shared with Romper that baby Stewart is due sometime in February 2020.

Over on Instagram, Carlin shared her baby news with a photo of the parents-to-be kissing while holding out a sonogram, according to In Touch Weekly. "This past year has been a whirlwind of excitement and love, from wedding planning, to the most magical day of my life when I said 'I do,'" she captioned the post. "And just when I think life can’t get crazier, busier, or happier, I find out I’m pregnant! I feel so grateful and in awe of the miracle of a tiny life growing inside of me! I can’t imagine that my life could be any more blessed!"

In addition to battling the typical nausea and vomiting — just like her sisters before her have — Carlin has already had to face another pregnancy-related issue. At her first prenatal appointment, Carlin and Evan were informed her blood test results showed she has “the same two clotting disorders that my sister Erin has dealt with throughout pregnancy," Carlin told People. She continued:

Evan had to learn to give me two shots daily. We have had a lot of opportunity to pray and to try to trust God, as we have researched the different side effects and concerns. So although it has been a learning experience, we know we have an even bigger reason to be thankful that the baby is doing well.

Yikes. On the bright side, at least the Stewarts are aware of Carlin's blood-clotting disorder — and can take appropriate measures to ensure a healthy pregnancy. I'm sure it helps, too, that Carlin has a sister who knows exactly what she's going through.

Speaking of Erin Bates, she and her husband Chad Paine are expecting their fourth child in December. Meanwhile, Carlin's brother and sister-in-law, Zach and Whitney Bates, are expecting their third child in November. With so many Bates grand-babies on the way, it's going to be a joyous fall and winter for Kelly Jo and Gil, that's for sure!