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Carly Waddell & Evan Bass Are Expecting Baby #2, & Their Reveal Was Incredible

Beer belly, Bella belly, baby belly! That's the cute line that announced that November is going to be even sweeter for this Bachelor family. After months of being MIA from social media, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass announce they're expecting baby no. 2 with these sweet, silly photos.

In the announcement, Waddell, Bass and their daughter Bella are standing in front of a very Instagrammable brick wall, and they are each holding their shirts up. "Beer belly" refers to Bass, "Bella belly" refers to their daughter (who is adorably holding her sippy cup over her stomach) and "baby belly" is the real jaw-dropper, as Waddell stands and holds a strip of sonogram photos announcing that their second child is officially on the way.

"We so SO EXCITED to FINALLY announce Bella’s little brother or sister will be here in November!!!" Waddell shared, before adding that if fans have been curious as to why she hasn't been on social media as much lately, well, this is why. Waddell then added that she shared the story of discovering her pregnancy on a podcast, and redirected fans and followers there to listen in if so they would like to hear more about it.

Friends and followers immediately started congratulating the family, sharing their well wishes for their new child.

"I love this pregnancy announcement! Bella’s face is just the best! So happy for you guys!" Ali Fetodowski, another contestant from the Bachelor franchise said. "Im so excited for you guys!!! Bella’s reaction is the cutest! Such a good announcement," added Annaliese Puccini, also a former Bachelor star.

In February of last year, People reported that the couple welcomed their first daughter, Isabella, nicknamed adorably, Bella. “It was a perfect birth, no problems at all. We were supposed to induce her today but Carly’s water broke 15 minutes before our alarm went off so Bella is setting her own birthday!” Bass told the magazine in a statement. “Carly is recovering well and the baby has had her eyes open for hours. I cried a lot during the birth! We are smitten and cannot stop kissing, cuddling and adoring her.”

Just last month, the couple shared with Us Weekly that they did want to try to have a baby this year. (Ahem, perhaps they knew something then?) “We’re planning on trying to have another little one and getting pregnant this year,” Waddell said.

It seems that things are going according to plan.

As for how the family will adjust to being a party of four, it seems that they might get a baby for each parent, after telling Us Weekly that their daughter Bella went back and forth between being more attached to her mom and then her dad. “It’ll be really interesting to see who she gravitates to more,” Waddell told the magazine. “Right now, she’s totally momma’s girl. Like, she wants me all the time. But Evan’s like, ‘I know that’ll change one day!’”

Of course, welcoming another baby into the mix can sometimes be challenging, but it seems these super parents are very well prepared. Fans are undoubtedly excited to see all the sweetness to come this fall.