'Carmen Sandiego' Deserves A Season 3 — But Will It Get One?

by Esme Mazzeo

Kids aren't asking where in the world Carmen Sandiego is these days — she's on Netflix. They want to know if there will be a Carmen Sandiego Season 3 because kids and parents agree that the animated series is pretty great. It's a re-imagination of an epic kids' game show that aired on PBS from 1991-1995 called Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? which taught baby millennials about geography.

Carmen Sandiego Season 2 was released on Oct. 1 so it's still early to know if Carmen Sandiego will be returning for Season 3. Though some shows are assured a follow-up season before the first season even aired, that is not the case for this cartoon. In fact, the 10 episodes in Season 2 are a part of the original 20-episode order the network ordered for Season 1 according to The Wrap.

Further complicating matters, Netflix keeps ratings under wraps (the streamer is famous for it) so it's hard to know how popular Carmen Sandiego has been and if it's likely to come back. Plenty of Netflix shows have been canceled after the second season but then again plenty of kids' content on the platform has come back season after season and year after year. Where Carmen falls is still anyone's guess, but the answer will almost certainly come soon.

But, when considering other factors, I have some hope for the show. First of all, Gina Rodriguez loves playing the role of Carmen. "I said 1,000 percent yes [to Carmen]," she told Glamour in January. "Coming from a low-income family in the hoods of Chicago, I don't know how much I would have desired to see the world outside of mine if it wasn't for Carmen," she continued.

She told Bustle that although Carmen inspired Rodriguez growing up, she sees an absolute need for a character like this to be around in 2019, too. "We are definitely in need and in desire for characters like this," she said. "To see reflections of a strong, intelligent, fearless woman going after her dreams. But, at the same time traveling the world to create great empathy for us to see other cultures, other religions, other languages."

Netflix seems to agree because Deadline announced in March 2018 a live-action version of Carmen Sandiego was in the works. Yes, it will star Rodriguez in the title role, and she will also produce the film through her production company, I Can and I Will productions.

The live-action film seems like it's good news for the animated series. But then again, Netflix could be waiting to see how the live-action film performs before they decide the fate of the animated series.

As for the live-action film, "I’ve definitely tried on some fedoras, I’ve tried on some jackets," Rodriguez told Bustle. All I know is that animated or in real life, there is perhaps no working actress right now who is better suited to take on the mysterious (and fabulous) international explorer — and I bet your kids agree.

Carmen Sandiego Seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Netflix.