Carrie Fisher's GMA Interview Was Comedy Gold, & Here Are The 3 Most LOL-Worthy Moments — VIDEO

People are still talking about Carrie Fisher' interview on Good Morning America. And who can blame them? The actress appeared on the ABC morning show on Friday to promote Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which hits theaters Dec. 18. Though it's some time since the actress has headlined a major motion picture, and almost 40 years since she donned the iconic buns, Fisher's interview proved that she hasn't missed a beat.

During the segment, the 59-year-old was quick with the wit and feminist commentary, often dropping poignant and humorous one-liners. But really, what else would we expect from the leaders of The Galaxy?

Though the interview with Amy Robach was a chance for Fisher to promote the newest Star War film, Fisher took it as an opportunity to talk about what it means to be an aging female in Hollywood and the ridiculous questions female stars get asked about their weight. And she did it all with her adorable dog Gary by her side. Though the entire segment is worthy of praise here are the three best moments from Carrie Fisher's GMA interview.

1. When She Showed The Dark Side Of Being Older In Hollywood

Several actresses have spoken out about what it means to be an aging actress in Hollywood — and frankly, it sucks. Younger women are cast in older roles, portraying an unrealistic look of what 40 is supposed to look like, and edge out women who are actually the age of the characters they should be playing. But Fisher managed to make the same point in a candid and hilarious way.

When Robach asked if George Lucas had to do any convincing to bring Fisher back, the actress provided a blunt answer. "No. I'm a female in Hollywood over the age of... let's say 40, and then we could also say 50," she said. "We could say it, but not with real conviction or excitement. You don't have to ask you if you want to work at that age. You'll see someday."

2. When She Shot Down A Question About Her Weight

In the interview, Robach told Fisher she "physically transformed" for the role, hinting at the fact that Fisher was asked to lose 35 pounds for the film. And Fisher was not having any of it.

"Yes," she said, "I did lose weight. And I think it's a stupid conversation."

Robach was mortified and tried to move on, but Fisher quickly excused her, saying that with Robach the conversation was fine. But only since Robach hadssuch a thin figure. "How do you keep that goin' on?" Fisher asked, as Robach laughed. In an industry where the media is notorious for asking females about their figures, it was great to see Fisher turn it around, and Robach was a fantastic sport.

3. When Her Dog Fell Asleep

Fisher brought her French bulldog Gary along for the interview, and the pup proceeded to fall asleep. When Robach pointed out that Gary was falling asleep, Fisher said, "Gary is bored as hell." The actresses added that her dog is quite popular on Twitter, which inspired me to check out Carrie Fisher's Twitter. And it was worth it. That account is a gold mine of Gary pictures and tweets that aren't afraid to point out issues of gender equality in the Star Wars films.

Again, there were merely a handful of amazing moments from the Good Morning America interview. To see some of the other gems, watch the full interview below.

Here's hoping Fisher hinterviews leading up to the premiere.

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