Carrot Cake Oreo Cookies Are Here To Laugh At Your New Year's Resolutions

There's a great reason to get stoked about the latest addition to your snack aisle. You will no longer have to choose between cookies or cake, because you can now have both at the same time. As it turns out, Carrot Cake Oreos now exist, and they should soon be available in a store near you. For fans of carrot cake like me, this is an amazing bit of news. It's basically cake you can dunk in a glass of milk.

The latest version of the wildly popular Oreo features two carrot cake flavored cookies with cream cheese flavored frosting sandwiched in the middle. Honestly? These cookies sound like they will be perfect addition to any Easter basket. That said, I hope nobody has to wait that long to try out these treats. People reported that they should be appearing at your grocery store as early as today. And in case you don't feel like searching the stores in real life, you can already order Carrot Cake Oreo cookies at Target online.

Early reviews of the treats have been a little mixed, however. "I like the carrot cake. I love carrot cake to begin with," said a reviewer on Focus Group Radio. "The carrot cake cookie to me was a little mushy," said another reviewer. They got to test out these cookies back in September 2018, along with the Kettle Corn Oreo flavor, which makes me very jealous. "These were pretty solid! No lack of frosting here and they hit it pretty spot on with the flavor. Wish there was a little more carrot flavoring," said Instagram user kaketimereviews. For people who already enjoy the veggie-based cake, these cookies seem to hit the spot.

That said, a surprising number of people have very strong opinions about carrot cake in general. Really, it's one of those desserts that you either love or you hate, and people on the "no thank you" end aren't shy about sharing their feelings.

Seriously, these desserts can be so divisive.

So I guess there's a more than a few people who won't be lining up for the Carrot Cake Oreo cookies any time soon. That's OK, because Oreo cookies are available in just about every flavor imaginable. Fruit Punch, Cotton Candy, Candy Corn, Key Lime Pie, Red Velvet, and Candy Cane Oreo cookies have all graced grocery store shelves in the past few years, according to Delish. Even amazing-sounding flavors such as Green Tea Oreo cookies are available in China and Japan, according to The Daily Meal. Really, anyone who loves Oreo cookies is basically spoiled for choice, because carrot cake is far from the only flavor in town.

And if the wide variety of flavors feels a little extra, well, this cookie is popular enough to pull off just about anything. Over 40 billion Oreo cookies are manufactured in 18 countries around the world every year, according to Mondelez International. Whether you like the novel flavors or prefer the classic chocolate and creme, Oreo cookies are a lasting classic. (But seriously, how does anyone hate carrot cake?)

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