No Seriously, You Guys Are *Not* Ready For How Cute Carter's Halloween Costumes Are

The best thing about Halloween, at least for me, used to be dressing up in mildly-scandalous clothing and going to a party. Now the best thing about Halloween is without a doubt ogling babies in adorable costumes. Put a baby in a fuzzy costume of any kind and it's game over for my uterus. This year, one iconic baby brand is selling some of the best baby costumes I've ever seen. Carter's Halloween costumes are seriously too much — do yourself a favor and go check them out ASAP, whether you'll have an infant to dress up this Halloween or not.

Because Carter's has been making infant and toddler clothing for so long, they know what works and what doesn't. Unlike some of the scratchy, uncomfortable costumes you might find online or at a party supply store, these ones are more realistic to get on your child. They're loose-fitting and made of soft material, so your little one (hopefully) won't be in tears seven seconds after putting it on. Of course, you'll never really know until you try. They're also only $21 a pop. Pssst... if you need anything else for your babe, throw it in the cart and use the code LABORDAY to get 25 percent off any order over $40 this weekend.

Without further ado... here are some of the best awww-inducing, ovary-twinging costumes.


Little Pig Halloween Costume

Your little piggy will look absolutely precious in this costume which comes with the long sleeve shirt, tights, and bubble fleece. The hood has elastic around it so it'll stay on their sweet little head, and between the bow on the ear and the cute corkscrew tail, this one is a winner.


Little Unicorn Halloween Costume

Every child's first Halloween should be as magical as a unicorn — even if they have no idea what is going on and don't remember it whatsoever. It'll be magical for mom! This comes with the bubble fleece, long sleeve shirt, and tights.


Little Pineapple Halloween Costume

Pineapple has all sorts of benefits for you, and this pineapple costume benefits the entire world by existing. I honestly can't handle the cuteness. This comes with the bubble fleece, the leggings, and the long sleeve shirt, all perfectly matching. Even on a holiday filled with candy, this might be the sweetest thing you'll see.


Little Avocado Halloween Costume

Millennials and their avocado toast, am I right? But seriously, this is one avocado that is definitely worth the money. My personal favorite part is the avocado pit that hits so perfectly on their sweet baby belly. This comes with the bubble fleece, long sleeve tee, and leggings.


Little Giraffe Halloween Costume

You bet giraffe I love this costume. Get it? Dumb puns aside, this costume is freaking adorable. This costume comes with two pieces — the cozy fleece pants and front-zip jacket — and the hood has elastic around the face to keep it in place.


Little Lion Halloween Costume

Rawr! I'd be lion if I said this costume didn't make me want a little Halloween baby this year. (I'm really sorry for the puns, I can't help it... these costumes make me feel cheesy.) This costume comes with fleece pants and a fleece, front-zip jacket, so it's super cozy and warm for Halloween festivities.


Little Skunk Halloween Costume

Just add a dirty diaper and the costume is totally authentic. I've never considered skunks cute until seeing this costume. This one comes with a fleece zip-up jacket and matching pants, with a fuzzy white stripe down the back that ends in a sweet fuzzy tail. This Halloween will not stink with a little skunk by your side.


Little Gnome Halloween Costume

There's just something about babies dressing like old people that makes me laugh. This two-piece costume comes with a fleece jacket (complete with a hat, beard, and belt) and matching fleece pants. This is the perfect costume for babies staying home to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters — just plop them in the yard with the rest of their gnomies.


Little Koala Halloween Costume

Word on the street is that real koalas aren't actually all that friendly or cuddly... but it's just so hard to believe that, considering how cute they are! This costume comes with a zip-up bubble fleece and matching pants, and I can attest that it is a high-koality costume. (Seriously, I'm sorry.)


Little Parrot Halloween Costume

Halloween will be parrot-dise in this costume! (Last one!) This cute little costume comes with a bubble fleece, matching tights, and a long sleeve tee shirt to wear underneath. Plus the little colorful wings match a precious little tail on the back. It's comfy, it's cute, and it's perfect for your baby bird.