UM WOW, Everything At Carter's Is 50% Off This Weekend, Plus 25% Off If You Spend $40

Get excited mamas, because the Labor Day sales are officially here and everyone's favorite, Carter's, is currently having a massive one. I seriously hate to say this phrase, but it's true — you don't want to miss it. Everything in stores and on the site is 50 percent off, and you get an additional 25 percent off if you spend more than $40. Are you kidding me? Don't pay full price for things your child is going to outgrow in a month. Take advantage of Carter's Labor Day 2018 sale, and go on a shopping spree that won't break the bank.

Onesies, pajamas, shoes, t-shirts, swimwear, dresses, shorts, accessories.... when I say everything is on major sale, I mean everything. This sale runs through Sept. 5, but I won't be surprised if a lot of things sell out before then. All of the new prices are marked (calculated from the MSRP), and certain items are marked down even lower than 50 percent. Got an infant? Sales like these are great chances to start stocking up for toddlerhood and childhood. Seriously, unless you find a piece of children's clothing that is absolutely amazing, don't pay full price. These blowout sales are where it's at.

Because I spend more time than I'd like to admit fawning over baby clothes, these are some of my favorite items from this sale.


Dog Zip-Up Cotton Sleep & Play

Some parents would call these pajamas, but this looks like an all-day number to me. It's 100 percent cotton, zips from top to bottom, and the newborn size has mitten cuffs. It's perfect for dog lovers and future dog lovers.


3-Piece Corduroy Jumper Set

Be still my heart. This three-piece set comes with a corduroy jumper, gray tights, and a sweet floral long sleeve shirt. It's perfect for the approaching fall weather, and it's also just perfect in general. The little pockets are embroidered with mouse faces, and there are 3D ears poking out that match the undershirt. 10/10, totally adorable.


Small Fry Jersey Tee

I'm a sucker for cheesy graphic tees, and right now Carter's is having a buy one, get two free deal on tees. You'll pay full price for the first one (this one is $12 full price) and then you get to pick out two more. Yes please.


My Future Looks Bright Jersey Tee

This tee is on super clearance, and it's literally less than my drink at Starbucks. Plus, it speaks the truth. The toddler and girl sizes are $3, the baby sizes are only $2, and it has good reviews. Snag it!


Carter's Dinosaur Slippers

Who doesn't need a good pair of slippers when the weather gets cold? These dinosaur slippers are made of faux fur and will keep your little one's feet warm all winter. They're easy to pull on and off, and — of course — they're super cute.


Marled Yarn Zip-Up Hoodie

Every kid needs a zip-up hoodie (or two). This one is made from French terry — AKA it's super soft — and it'll go with everything. This is one of those staples that you'll certainly need, so you might as well get it while it's cheap.


2-Piece French Terry Hoodie & Camo Legging Set

I'm personally a fan of pink and ruffles overload, but if you're not, the camo leggings in this set will offset it. The glitter logo across the terry hoodie says, "This girl is the future," which is awesome because it's true. The set is $15, which is a great deal for a substantial hoodie and leggings.


Reinforced Knee Pants

These canvas drawstring pants come in green, gray, and khaki. They've got an elastic waistband (so they're ultra comfy) and the extra fabric at the knee will help prevent rips on the playground. Plus, they're only $10.