two little girls wearing holiday pajamas from Carter's

Millions Of Kids Can Sleep Tight Thanks To Carter's Pajama Program

by Cat Bowen

Known for being durable, easy to fasten, and ridiculously soft, Carter's pajamas are iconic. And this year, you can donate a pair of the popular pajamas to kids in need through Carter's Pajama Program knowing that the company is matching donations so that more kids can have a better night's rest.

2019 marks the tenth holiday season in a row that Carter's has supported the Pajama Program, which helps kids in need by supplying them with comfortable, free pajamas and storybooks that encourage children to have a healthy night time routine. Customers in stores or online can donate a pair of pajamas, and Carter's will match that donation one for one.

The Pajama Program is a nonprofit based on the understanding that good sleep is crucial to overall health, which is why they work to ensure that every child possible has the ability to experience the best night that they can through a solid evening routine. "Our mission is to promote a comforting bedtime routine for all children to help them thrive," their website explained, "but in practice we recognize that, as with so many things, children who live with uncertainty get less of the resources they need than their peers living in more predictable, stable environments." They specifically focus on "children who are faced with losing loved ones, foster care placement, inadequate or unsafe housing, homelessness, violence in the home, or whose parents struggle to make ends meet." Over the past 10 years, Carter's has donated 1,700,000 pairs of pajamas and $9,000,000.

When we're making our holiday purchases at Carter's, it's easy to forget that not everyone has that luxury. I know that as I watch the cashiers scan coupon after coupon, and I begin to get excited over the deal I just got, I am rarely thinking of people who cannot afford these pajamas. In fact, in that moment in time, I'm seldom thinking about anything other than my own wallet, and I doubt that I am alone in that. But now that you know you can make a difference, perhaps even using one of those coupons, you might just consider something else as you cash out.