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Cary Hart’s Message To Pink Following Her Super Bowl Performance Is So Seriously #CoupleGoals


On Sunday night, Pink delivered a fabulous rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl LII while battling the flu. Pink's impressive ability to power through her illness for the sake of the show didn't go unnoticed by her fans, and of course, her loving husband, Carey Hart. Following the anthem, Hart took to Instagram to pen Pink a sweet and supportive note recognizing her accomplishment. And if you're a big fan of the couple, you'll likely *love* Carey Hart's Super Bowl message to Pink.

Just days before Pink was set to deliver the anthem to a stadium of people in Minneapolis, Minnesota, she took to Instagram to share an upsetting update about her health. Apparently, Pink's two little ones, 6-year-old Willow and 1-year-old Jameson, infected her with some nasty germs (because kids) and she ended up developing a bad case of the flu.

Pink wrote, according to Instagram:

Despite Pink's less than ideal predicament, however, she managed to belt out the lyrics to the anthem like a total champ, and many people took to Twitter to praise her performance.

But there were also some naysayers (aren't there always?) who slammed Pink for supposedly spitting out a wad of gum onto the field moments before she started singing. The "gum," however, was actually a throat lozenge (she was sick, remember?), a fact which Pink herself confirmed later that evening.

To make matters even more difficult for Pink, she was forced to confront haters throughout the night who complained about her "sucky" singing.

While I can't imagine how frustrating it must have been for Pink to deal with all of the backlash after she overcame a major obstacle, I'm just glad she had Hart waiting in the wings to give her the props she deserved.

And boy, did Hart deliver. Cart captioned a photo of Pink posing with Willow on the football field, according to ET Online:

Sweet, right? It's clear Pink has a really supportive partner in Hart. For starters, it's awesome that Hart recognized Pink's incredible work ethic, which is something women don't always get praised for. Too often women (especially female celebrities) receive accolades for their looks as opposed to their hustle. Pink, a multiple Grammy winner and tireless performer, is definitely no stranger to hard work, so it's great to see Hart paying homage to that instead of simply stating that she did well or looked amazing.

Not to mention, Hart shared this message post gum-gate. Hart probably felt compelled to defend Pink amid the criticism (not that she needs defending, of course) and he likely wanted to reiterate the circumstances surrounding her performance because the bulk of backlash she suffered wasn't fair given her sickness. Hart defended Pink in a totally polite way, too. What a class act.

And lastly, you got to give Hart credit for sharing this message with his 725,000 followers. Clearly, Hart is not afraid to be open with his love and admiration for Pink, which is really sweet. Unlike some men who might find a powerful woman intimidating, Hart is proud to have a strong woman like Pink by his side.

So, here's to Hart building up Pink when she needs it the most. Well done.

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