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Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra's Daughter Nova Singing To Baby Vaeda Is Too Sweet

Going from having one child to two can be a huge adjustment — for the entire family. Not only do parents have to meet the around-the-clock needs of a newborn, but they also have to balance the needs and wants of their first child. It's a delicate juggling act, for sure. Because the older sibling can easily feel left out or jealous of the new baby. However, that doesn't seem to be the case for one big sister. Because Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra's daughter Nova singing to baby Vaeda is too sweet.

As E! Online reported, the reality star dad took to Instagram on Wednesday, Feb. 27 to share a video of his two daughters. And fair warning: You could very well melt from how adorable they are. In the clip, Nova, 4, is singing a lullaby to her newborn sister, Vaeda. "Nova is trying to sing 'London Bells Are Ringing' to Vaeda & my heart legit just exploded & melted into a doting father puddle!" Baltierra captioned the video. "#DaddysGirls." One Instagram follower pointed out that it sounds like Nova is singing, "watermelons eating." To that, he replied, "That's exactly what I said."

Although it's difficult to understand what Nova's lyrics are, it seems that Baltierra's followers were all in agreement about one thing: She's pretty much the best big sister.

One Instagram follower wrote, "Oh my goodness!! This is beyond adorable! My heart just exploded for you guys lol. She is just too precious and look how much she loves her baby sister already! 😍😍😍😍."

Another person declared, "She’s such a amazing big sister."

Yet another follower wrote, "OMG That's so cute and she totally looks like she's taking her big sister role very seriously 😍😍😍."

Earlier on Wednesday, Lowell revealed that she is breastfeeding baby Vaeda. The new mom shared an Instagram post with the words, "Nursing is the best feeling in the world," written in white on a black background. She captioned it with, "It’s such an amazing bonding experience. Love our little munchker butt 💜🌈💋."

Baltierra also commented on the post, singing the praises of his wife, "You’re just amazing Babe...watching you carry, nurture, feed & love Vaeda the way you do brings more than tears of joy for this doting father," he wrote. "It brings such an immense deep profound peace that I can’t really describe with words...but I know how it feels & it feels like euphoric love in the most purest way. I love you so much & you’re such an amazing mother!"

Lowell and Baltierra welcomed their baby girl on Feb. 21, according to People. "She’s here & I’m in love! 😍😫😭," he wrote on Instagram, along with a photo of a white board inside Lowell's hospital room.

Two days later — once everyone was home from the hospital — Baltierra shared the first photo of baby Vaeda, In Touch Weekly reported. (Although her face is strategically turned away from the camera.) "Welcome home Vaeda!" Baltierra captioned the shot of the family's dog lying next to the newborn snoozing in a bouncer. "Mommy & Daddy love you so much & can’t wait to watch you grow with love in this crazy family of ours!"

Clearly, the entire family is in love with their newest addition. (Seeing Nova sing so sweetly to her only confirms it, in my eyes.) Although I'm sure the siblings will have their fair share of squabbles through years, Nova is already proving to be an amazing big sister. And I'm sure fans can't wait to see their special bond grow.