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Celebrity Election Day Tweets & Messages Prove Everyone Is Encouraging You To Vote

Every presidential election is important, but 2016 is a particularly historic one that could quite literally change the fate of the country. The election has been in the news for months, but now the day is finally here, and everyone has to turn up to the polls to make their decision. Social media is full of encouragements to vote because it's an incredibly important thing to do. These celebrity election day tweets and messages drive home that message while still managing to find the humor in the situation.

In the days leading up to the election, reminders to vote have been pretty much everywhere you look – Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, you name it. Of course it hasn't just been celebrities sharing the reminder, but with such a big platform their motivation can only help things. And in addition to keeping the election on the minds of their followers, celebrity tweets can add a little levity to a day that can be more than a little stressful. Voting is just the first step, after all; it's going to be a nail-biting rest of the day waiting to see how it all turns out. But before everyone gets worked up waiting to see what happens, enjoy the amusement provided by some celebrity tweets.

Many celebrities were showing their support for their candidate of choice, rocking HRC-themed T-shirts, filters, or just a simple #ImWithHer hashtag. Even more prolific are pictures of people's "I voted" sticker, a casual reminder that they did their duty and you should too. Every new post and picture just drives home how necessary it is to get to the polls, because the outcome of this election couldn't be more significant.

Some celebrities even supplied an encouraging musical soundtrack to keep you motivated as you make your way to vote. Thanks, Xtina.

But not every tweet kept it light and fun; everyone, celebrities included, are more than aware of just how serious this election is. It's important to keep the stakes in mind when making your choice, because the future of this country depends on how things shake out at the polls today. The outcome will determine things not just for the next four years of the presidency, but for many years beyond that.

Today is a momentous day, as every reminder to vote makes clear. So get out there, get to the polls, and make yourself heard. It could change everything.