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Prepare To Aww Because These Celebs Shared A Bunch Of Adorable Old Yearbook Photos

by Casey Suglia

School picture day is a huge deal for kids — it's the one time to get the shot that will be cemented in the school yearbook forever. No pressure, or anything. But for the kids at home that are freaking out before this big day, they should look to these celebrity yearbook photos shared in honor of National School Picture Day. If anything, these photos are proof that not every school picture has to be perfect. Celebrities have embarrassing ones, too.

On Thursday, Sept. 12, people celebrated National School Picture Day — a "holiday" created by photo company, Lifetouch, meant to honor the iconic day of nerves and lopsided smiles. School picture day means so much to a lot of people. For parents, it's the one time a year they can get a professional shot taken of their kids and worthy enough to put in a picture frame (plus it's a cool keepsake to have over the course of the 12 years). But for kids, it's an experience filled with so much anxiety over how to smile and what to wear.

However, kids don't have to look amazing in their school photos, and celebrities school pictures are evidence of this. Earlier this week, a bunch of television celebrities took to Instagram to share their school photos in honor of National School Picture Day, and proved that they just looked like normal kids when they were younger.

The results are kind of surprising, if not amazing.

The Hosts Of Good Morning America

Robin Roberts

Alyssa Milano

Looking at these photos make it very clear that they were just trying to get a good shot for their yearbook and had no idea that they might become incredibly famous one day. It's awesome that they can have a sense of humor and share these photos with their millions of followers.

Taking school pictures are a lot unlike taking a picture to post on Instagram. Kids have one chance to get their school photo right — they don't have the option of choosing from 100 photos and slapping a VSCO filter on top of it. Some people view school pictures as a waste of money, according to Vox. In the digital age, kids are constantly taking photos of themselves (or having friends take photos of them). The last thing that some parents feel like they should do is spend $50 on portraits only to find that their kid dropped pizza on their shirt during lunch time and left a stain.

But without school pictures, then gems like these wouldn't exist, which is a shame, because these school photos are incredible.

Katie Couric

Danielle Jonas

Meghan McCain

For the parents who want to display their kids school pictures proudly, there are just a few tips and tricks to getting a very good school picture. Shutterfly recommends picking out an outfit the night before (which comes in clutch to the kids who want to sleep in) that incorporates bright colors (which are timeless and stand out in the photo).

But most importantly, kids should just have fun and be themselves on picture day. They should dress and smile in a way that they feel most comfortable. Who knows? They could one day become a celebrity sharing their most treasured school photo on National School Picture Day.