Jennifer Clasen/HBO

Mary Louise Just Got The Glasses Slapped Off Her Face On 'Big Little Lies'

Ever since Mary Louise stepped one sensible loafer into Monterey on Season 2 of Big Little Lies, fans of the show have wanted to do one thing: slap her, despite the fact that she is Meryl Streep in disguise. So Celeste slapping Mary Louise on Big Little Lies Episode 4 had Twitter going absolutely wild in response. Finally, their dream had been realized!

Mary Louise is not a woman who understands the concept of boundaries. She will show up at your favorite coffee shop, outside your apartment, or at your friend's early pumpkin-carving party. She is a champion lurker, but she doesn't stop there, oh no. She'll take any opportunity she can to deny the experiences of abuse victims. That's what earned her a slap from Celeste: Mary Louise decided to move into Jane's building, then continued to express her doubts about the night of Jane's rape. She even implied Celeste was at fault for driving Perry into the arms of other women. It was a moment that really deserved a slap, and Celeste didn't hold back (though she did apologize afterwards).

Unfortunately, the impulsive action may cause more trouble for Celeste down the line, even if it was supremely satisfying in the moment. From reactions on Twitter, that slap was definitely cathartic.

Slap Heard 'Round The World

Dramatic slaps are a staple in soap operas, but having one rendered on an HBO prestige show with two Oscar-winning actresses? That's what is scientifically called a chef's kiss moment.

I Would Wallpaper My House With It

I expect gifs of Celeste slapping Mary Louise to be inescapable on Twitter. I hope that it becomes as popular as that picture of Kim K sobbing, and that soon you can find it replicated on phone cases and stickers.

Oh, THAT'S What Camp Is

If you had any lingering questions about the nature of camp after this year's Met Ball, now you have your answer. Tonight on Big Little Lies, you saw it with your own eyes.

Play It Again, Please

HBO could play a repeat of the episode that was just the slap looped over and over for 45 minutes, and I would watch it. I think we all would.

The Shade Of It All

Game of Thrones may be over, but the burns keep coming. I don't see any lies, though.

This Is What Pure Joy Feels Like

I bet Madeline was so thrilled when she heard what happened that it briefly made her forget that her daughter created visual aids just to call her "unhinged" in front of the husband she cheated on.

A True Celebration

The pumpkin-carving may have made you think this was an out of season Halloween episode, but it was actually perfectly timed for Pride.

Great Work, Everyone

As much as Celeste might have enjoyed letting her true feelings out, slapping your kids' grandmother is not ever the best course of action. Not least because Mary Louise is willing to use it as further evidence against her in a custody hearing.

She Lives For The Applause

Still, if Mary Louise said one more word against Jane or Celeste, I would have reached into my TV to slap her myself.

Practical Magic

It's very powerful magic to see one legend slap another. It can only be performed once every decade, sixteen days before the full moon.

You Deserve It

Every viewer deserves to see Oscar winners having a slap fight while wearing cardigans. Every last one of us.

Big Little Lies has been amping up the tension every week and it finally boiled over in Episode 4. Now fans will have to wait until next time to see just how intense the fallout is.