a tweet over a photo of a woman skiing with two kids

CEO Mom's Nanny Job Ad Is Both Over The Top — & Totally Spot-On

It's no secret that parenthood is a thankless job. Unfortunately, caring for tiny humans of your own is also an endeavor that doesn't come with a salary. However, this CEO mom's nanny job ad is both over the top in its list of requirements — while also being spot-on when it comes to what's expected of parents today.

A job listing titled "Seeking Household Manager/Cook/Nanny" — which was shared on Jan. 23 by Twitter @honeystaysuper — has literally gone viral overnight. And it isn't hard to see why. "Look I know what day it is and where I’m posting this but I still challenge you to find ANYTHING more bananas bat sh*t than THIS," she tweeted alongside screenshots of the job posting. "I DARE YOU."

The CEO mom who penned the posting has 10-year-old boy/girl twins, and is looking for a "long-term (at least five years) member of the household to act with leadership, strategy, drive, attention to detail, high energy, and kindness." The applicant can live-in or out of the home, and a car is provided.

"Major responsibilities are keeping the household family and staff and its processes and programs well organized, cooking organic foods that meet our allergy requirements, planning vacations, camps and after school activities, errands, and spending time with the kids,' the job description reads. Other requirements include being able to ski "at least at an intermediate level," being CPR certified, being experienced driving in foreign countries, and having a "university degree or equivalent."

As for the schedule? The preferred hours are from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. "Mom is a CEO and needs to relax on weekends," the ad explains. "Weekends are busy with sports and play dates. Live-in option is the full kitchen, one-bedroom pool house."

Aside from the lengthy list of responsibilities, the CEO mom included specific personality requirements. "Has room in their heart to love the kids and the mom; has a high capacity to be loved deeply by them," the listing reads. At the same time, the very next bullet point says "Has appropriate boundaries in relationships and interactions and will teach the children the same including appropriate privacy and safety."

So let me get this straight: This mom wants someone who will love her (their employer) and her kids deeply — while also having "appropriate boundaries in relationships"? Hmmm.

In case you were curious, the comments section of this tweet is pure gold. Basically, there are two camps of people: The, "OMG, this mom doesn't actually parent her kids, this is so ridiculous" camp and the "Yep, this is pretty much what SAH parents do and don't get paid for" camp. One Twitter user wrote, "She could have put....We want someone to parent our kids, and us, and is good at everything in the world, and has no life of their own. Done."

Another Twitter user declared, "First of all, this is an actual IMPOSSIBLE list of qualifications - literally impossible. Even Mary Poppins didn’t cook family meals. Mom as a CEO should know that. Secondly, I feel terrible for the mom’s support staff at work bc she’s clearly ridiculous."

Thankfully, the original poster shut down commenters in the shaming camp. "I'm not here for the, 'Why have kids if you're not going to spend any time with them ?!?' until you start saying this same sh*t to men who are CEOs/at this level," she shot back. (Amen!)

Yet another Twitter user hit the nail on the head, writing, "Aside from the skiing, this is really just a job description for a full time wife/mother and only absurd bc this is the burden that women are usually expected to carry." (Yes, preach!)

One SAHD said he should apply for the job, adding, "I actually admire the woman for just putting all the needs out there and hoping for a savior. It's also kind of nuts to just see everything a parent does laid out there at once."

Still others wondered what the compensation for such a job might be. One person commented, "Please tell me the salary is 2.5 million Plus bonuses. Which is still not enough but you know, a starting point."

It's worth noting the latest data from estimates stay-at-home parents should earn roughly $162,581 per year — when you take into consideration the 96 hours of work per week they put in. So hopefully, this CEO mom has a similar number in mind for her household manager/cook/nanny.

According to one Twitter user, this job posting is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to over-the-top au pair listings. "A friend of mine works for an au pair staffing agency in NYC," they commented. "This is NOTHING! I’ve seen requests for candidates that look similar enough to the family that they can be excused as an aunt, multiple constraints on behavior in off hours, second generation or more Ivy League alumni."

Honestly, this job listing is eye-opening for me — a mom of four — in so many different ways. First of all: This CEO mom is a bad*ss who knows exactly what her family needs. Secondly, even though her posting seems ridiculous at first glance, is it really so different from what many parents expect from themselves? (Aside from the skiing and foreign language requirements.) Because I have a feeling most parents would surprise themselves if they had to sit down and create a job description for all that needs to be done in their household.

With that said, I'm dying to know whether the CEO mom has found any suitable candidates. I must know how it all works out!