Rick Rowell/ABC

Chad Gets A Rose After Assaulting And Threatening Other 'Bachelorette' Contestants

Considering the fact that this week's two-part The Bachelorette event was entirely centered around tension caused by Chad, it's no surprise that he made the cut after the rose ceremony at the top of the second episode. In spite of making physical and verbal threats, Chad gets a rose from JoJo.

While he's been butting heads with the entire house all season, this is the first week things actually got physical. After Evan made some (admittedly uncool) jokes about Chad using steroids and how it might affect his sexual performance during a raunchy stand-up comedy date, Chad not-so-subtly rips the shirt straight off of Evan's back as he's scooting past him to get back to his seat.

Later, JoJo shuts Chad down as he goes in for a kiss in front of the entire audience with a brutal head-turn, which only serves to infuriate him even further. He punches a door on his way out of the theater, bloodying his knuckles and spooking some of the other guys, too. He gets in a few different contestants' faces, but thus far (with the exception of Evan), his threats have been mostly verbal, although no less upsetting. As a result, the guys are visibly floored that JoJo is giving Chad yet another chance, but it's clear that he's a production goldmine for drama, so it's none too surprising to viewers — or Bachelor alums.

Evan confronts Chris Harrison, confiding in him that he's fearful for his safety and the safety of the others in the house with Chad around. Chris pulls Chad aside for a not-terribly-stern talking to, and asks him to go apologize to his housemates. Unfortunately, Chad only becomes more aggressive and threatens even more physical harm. (Nice job, Chris.) There's even a security detail walking around for protection.

Luckily, during Week 5, everyone jets (or perhaps more accurately, helicopters) off to rural Pennsylvania, and, after Luke secures the one-on-on-one date, everyone left gets a group date — with the exception of Chad and Alex. Everyone in the house instantly knew what that meant: Chad and Alex were going on a two-on-one. So this will either (read: very likely) be the end of Chad, since JoJo has to pick one guy to send home at the end of a two-on-one, or Bachelor Nation is about to be very, very confused.