Chad Wants To Be ‘The Bachelor’, But JoJo Isn’t Feeling It

The highly anticipated season finale of The Bachelorette aired on Monday night, and it was pretty much a roller coaster of emotions. JoJo ends up choosing Jordan Rodgers after a super romantic proposal, and the two couldn't look any happier. On The Bachelorette: After The Final Rose, all the aftermath of the emotional finale was discussed, including who JoJo thinks the next bachelor should be. Before she could even make her choice, though, Chad made it clear that he wants to be the next Bachelor, but JoJo isn't feeling it.

If you didn't catch a glimpse of what happened, let me break down it down for you. It all started when Chris Harrison asked JoJo for her thoughts on the next possible Bachelor. She didn't quite reveal who she thinks the network should pick, but she did say that she knows, or that she thinks ABC is considering Luke and Chase. Did she totally spill the beans here, or is she just throwing out predictions?!

Before she could finish her thought, though, Chad completely cuts off her, in the most Chad-like way ever. The token villain of The Bachelorette gets up out of his seat to publicly make a case for himself as the next Bachelor, to which JoJo immediately rolls her eyes and yells "not Chad." Chad fires back, saying, "a lot of people probably think I'm a bad guy because of the way I was on the show, and when you watch Bachelor In Paradise you'll probably think even worse." LOL, is this guy for real?! He goes on to say, "I've been through a lot in this last year, I lost my mom, and one of the things they didn't show is that I'm also a marine, and I think I, as well as other people, deserve love, and so maybe I deserve to be the next Bachelor?" Awww. Kind of makes you view him in a different light, just for a second, doesn't it?

It was obvious that JoJo wasn't buying it, though. She asks the audience, "what does everyone else think?" to which many responded with booing, as you may have predicted.

Clearly, America agrees.

This pretty much sums up everyone's reaction.


Chad totally pulled a Kanye.

I think it's safe to assume Chad will not be the next Bachelor, but I'd bet he's the shining star of Bachelor In Paradise.