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Chance The Rapper Got Refreshingly Real About What It's Like To Raise 2 Kids

by Christina Montoya Fiedler

No one ever said that parenting would be easy, but there's nothing like being up to your ears in dirty diapers and spit up to make reality set in. Even celebs find out the cold hard truth after a few sleepless nights, a sentiment this musician can relate to. And in a recent interview, Chance the Rapper said parenting two kids "way harder" than he thought. Welcome to the club, dad.

The "No Problem" rapper opened up during a Jimmy Kimmel Live episode Tuesday, talking about his paternity leave and how his life changed after the birth of his second child, Marley. Hint: It hasn't been easy!

“It’s just way harder, honestly, having two kids than having one. Mathematically, it makes sense, but in my mind, it didn’t register until I actually had two kids," he said.

And he's been doing his fair share of the work, even the dirty work. “People make the diaper part seem so tough. I would much rather do diapers if I didn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night, to be honest with you," Chance told Kimmel.

He topped off his appearance with a live performance of "I Got You (Always and Forever)" featuring En Vogue for fans in an outdoor concert.

Chance and his model wife Kirsten Corely, who tied the knot in March, welcomed Marli Grace on Aug. 29, just five months after they revealed they were expecting their second child, according to People.He announced the pregnancy and the baby's sex in an Instagram post simply saying, "New baby dropping in September."

The couple also share 4-year-old daughter Kelsi, making them a full-fledged family of four.

Now that the duo's family has expanded, Chance has made the decision to spend more time at home. Case in point: In early September, Chance announced he's postponing his "The Big Day" tour in favor of staying close to home, according Pitchfork. He will pick it back up on Jan. 15 in San Diego, CA. Full refunds will be available to fans who cannot make the new tour dates.

"When Kensli was born, I went on tour 2 weeks later and missed some of the most important milestones in her life, but more importantly I was absent when her mother needed me the most," he explained on Instagram, captioning a sweet pic of himself holding his two daughters.

"At this point as a husband and father of two I realize that I can’t make that mistake again. I need to be as helpful and available as possible to my wife in these early months of raising Kensli and Marli," he continued.

And he's not alone. A whopping 85 percent of men said they would do anything to be home with their babies, according to Motherly. Yet, less than 50 percent of men actually take their paternity leave. So he knows a good opportunity when he sees one.

A lot happens during the first few months of a newborn. And it's a sure bet that Chance is happy he chose to bunker down with his wife and kids, dirty diapers and all.