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Charlize Theron Went Brunette For The Oscars & Fans Are Loving The Transformation

The Oscars red carpet on Sunday, Feb. 24 was full of surprises, especially in the style department. Case in point: Charlize Theron went brunette for the 2019 Oscars, leading fans to flock to Twitter to gush over new look. As one aptly put it, Theron didn't come to play.

I'll be honest here — Theron could slay any hair color if given the chance. The actress backed up this sentiment on Sunday when she showed up to the ceremony with dark locks. Theron — who absolutely stunned on the red carpet — complimented the look with a bold red lip, a light blue, form-fitting gown with a dramatic open back, and snake-shaped diamond necklace. I can't heap enough praise on this entire look, you guys. It's simply breathtaking from start to finish.

Of course, Theron's signature blonde hair is lovely, too. But I think it's fair to say fans appreciate this change of pace, especially since it compliments the rest of her ensemble so well.

Oh, and can I pause for a sec to also compliment Theron's bob? I'd probably look like a page boy from medieval times if I attempted this cut, but Theron manages to pull it off perfectly.

It seems like fans agree with my thoughts here because there's a lot of buzz about the color change on Twitter.

"Charlize didn't come to play......she came to slay," one person tweeted. "Gorgeous."

Someone else chimed in: "I’m loving the dark hair red lip look. She’s almost recognizable but that WALK... speaks for her before she walks."

Another person commented: "Charlize theron as a brunette...... WHAT?!?! i approve."

One fan gushed: "Charlize Theron is a brunette tonight. And I'm in love."

For those of you who are surprised by Theron's change, don't be. The actress admitted back in October 2016 that she's not afraid to switch up her look every once and a while. As she explained to Vogue:

I don’t think I’m crazy brave with fashion — I like classic things. With hair for some reason I’m not so fearful. I have no attachment to my hair — I’m excited about changing it and I always think that if I hate it, it’s going to grow back. Most of the time it’s the work I’m doing at that moment that is influencing it. I don’t do a ton of glamorous things, so usually my hair is all roots grown out and natural. In terms of products I’ve definitely noticed the difference between sulfate and non-sulfate formulas, so that’s my one thing I won’t change — my hair products have to have no sulfates...

Theron's hair stylist, Adir Abergel, backed up her claim in an Instagram post hours before the show. "Decided to chop it all off before the big moment," Abergel captioned a shot of himself trimming the back of Theron's hair.

It's not clear if Theron will keep her brunette locks for the foreseeable future, but I hope she sticks with the new look for a minute. Not only do fans love it, but hair transformations can do wonders for the soul.