Chelsea Houska caught her husband bribing their son with treats.
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I Fully Relate To Chelsea Houska Catching Her Husband Bribing Their Son With Sweets

When two people are tasked with raising tiny humans together, they're not always going to see eye to eye. Sure, couples might agree on basic ground rules, but we each have our own way of getting things done. I, for one, try to motivate my kids to accomplish tasks in a timely manner by making it a race. "Let's see who can get their shoes on first!" Another example? Chelsea Houska's husband likes bribing their son with snacks, though she does not agree with that (effective) tactic. And man oh man, do I feel her.

Just to catch you up to speed, the Teen Mom 2 star has three children with her husband, Cole DeBoer. There's Aubree Lind-DeBoer, whom Houska shares with her ex Adam Lind, and then Watson and Layne DeBoer. Cole and Houska met in 2014, and have been married since October 2016. And as far as viewers can tell from the show, DeBoer has been an awesome dad to all three of their children.

Still, there are some, err, differences in execution when it comes to getting their kids to do what needs to be done. This was made abundantly clear by a series of tweets Houska shared on Thursday. On Nov. 7, the mom of three took to Twitter to share a recent exchange between herself and DeBoer.

"Me (LAST NIGHT)- you have to stop bribing Watson with treats to do everything," she tweeted. "Cole (7AM!!!! Overheard on the baby monitor)- “hey buddy ya gotta get up to take sissy to school..then we can go get a cake pop.")

This was fittingly accompanied by three face-palming emojis. You can bet Houska called DeBoer out on his failure to halt the bribery. She even shared the hilarious text exchange with him that followed.

As annoying as it is for a partner to have something important go in one ear and right out the other, DeBoer actually seems like a pretty amazing guy. He once saved his wife's life, for starters. Seriously! In July, Houska shared via Twitter how it went down. "A couple of weeks ago, I was rushing to eat (steak) and I started choking. SERIOUSLY choking. It would not move up & I could not swallow," she tweeted. "Luckily, Cole was home and he performed the Heimlich and was able to get it out! All I kept thinking about was WHAT IF I had been home alone?"

She hilariously summed it the scary incident with, "As if Cole doesn’t have to deal with enough of my sh*t already, he can now add saving my life from steak to that list."

Not to mention, DeBoer has said he would adopt his step-daughter, Aubree, in a heartbeat, according to People. Aubree's biological father, Lind, gave up rights to his other daughter, Paislee, which led to a conversation about whether DeBoer would consider adopting Aubree if Lind gave up his rights to her as well. “I mean, yeah. I’d do it right now if she wants to," he told Houska during an episode of Teen Mom 2 that aired in February. "I’d never make her do anything."

Clearly, Cole DeBoer is going to have to work on his no-bribing parenting. (But honestly, who doesn't bribe their kids with treats/fun activities from time to time?) In the meantime, I love that Houska shared the all-too-relatable moment with her Twitter followers. Because as awesome of a husband/father that DeBoer is, he, too, has less than ideal parenting habits. So now we can all feel a tad better about ours.