Chelsea Houska's Daughter Aubree Looks SO Grown Up In This Back-To-School Pic

It's wild to think that 10 years have passed since 16 and Pregnant first aired on MTV. And yet, here we are. Not only are many of the young moms now in their late 20s, but some of them have gone on to get married and have more children. Similarly, the babies born during the moms' teenage years definitely aren't babies any more. Case in point: Chelsea Houska's daughter Aubree looks SO grown up in this adorable back-to-school photo.

As a refresher, Houska shares Aubree with her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind. Aubree was born on Sept. 7, 2009, when Houska was starting her senior year of high school in South Dakota, with her pregnancy being documented on 16 & Pregnant. Fast-forward to today, and the former teen mom is married to Cole DeBoer, with whom she shares two children: Watson, 2, and Layne, who turns 1 on Aug. 29. Which means these days, Houska is a busy mom-of-three.

On Tuesday, Aug. 20, the Teen Mom 2 star took to Instagram to share a photo of her nearly-10-year-old daughter, and it's clear she can't figure out where the time has gone. "Okay what the heck. She can stop looking so grown up now," Houska captioned a photo of Aubree rocking wavy hair and hoop earrings. "She was OBSESSED with these earrings and wanted to wear lipstick this morning. Where’d my baby go?!"

Um, can I pause here for a moment to address how adorable Aubree is? Girl is a spitting image of her fashionable mama.

Needless to say, Houska's followers could not get over how mature Aubree looks, either. "I remember watching the tv show when you had her, why do I feel old now," one Instagram user wrote alongside crying face emojis.

Another person commented, "OH MY GOD CHELSEA LOOK AT HER! So grown up & even more beautiful."

Yet another Instagram user wrote, "How dare they grow up. Ruuuuude."

Another follower commented, "Been keeping up w you guys since 16 and pregnant and wow Chelsea have you raised a bright and beautiful young lady."

Unfortunately, however, the praise wasn't all positive. One person who took issue with Aubree's hoop earrings wrote, "Beautiful but the earrings have to go. She’s still little."

"To [sic] young for those earrings," another follower declared.

I see nothing wrong with her hoops, for the record. And I had no idea a person could be "too old" for any type of ear lobe earrings? Earrings aside, can you believe how big Aubree has gotten? Mind = blown.

Back in February, Houska shared a different photo of Aubree along with a similar sentiment about how quickly she's grown up, according to Inquisitr. "I made her stop for a picture because she just looks SO GROWN UP!" she captioned a photo of Aubree posing in a hoodie with a high ponytail. "How is this happening overnight?!"

If you're still not shook by Aubree seemingly aging five years overnight, let's take a quick walk down memory lane. Not too long ago, Chelsea was putting then 2-year-old Aubree's hair into tiny pigtails. Aww.

Or what about Aubree's first day of kindergarten, which occurred during a Teen Mom 2 episode that aired in 2016. You know, about the age that she should be currently, at least in my head.

I think I'm having such a difficult time accepting that Aubree is as old as she is because my oldest child isn't far behind her. And there's no way my baby is knocking on the door of 10 years old. Nope. As cliche as it sounds, the days are long, but the years really are short. Please slow down a bit, kiddos!