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Parents Came Through For Chelsea Peretti After She Tweeted About Missing Her Son

While scrolling through Twitter late last night, I came across a heartbreaking tweet from actress Chelsea Peretti asking for advice on coping with being away from her 1-year-old son, Beaumont. Intrigued, I took to the post's comments section to see how fans responded, and, as it turns out, parents had the best tips for Peretti. From lighthearted suggestions to more practical recommendations, Twitter came through for this homesick mama.

Similarly to many other parents out there, Peretti is no stranger to seeking parenting advice from social media. And in a moment of missing her young son, she tweeted Monday night: "Moms do u have any tricks for coping w being away from ur babies longer than usual aside from feeling anxious and weepy."

Although nothing can compare to being with your child in real time when you miss them, many parents — including some celebrities — gave Peretti helpful advice to ease the pain.

"Just keep a ton of fresh pictures and videos so you can watch them when you miss your baby," Wall Street Journal reporter Shayndi Raice responded. "Also make your partner send you tons of videos, even if baby is doing nothing. I could watch 10 mins of baby staring when I miss him."

Catastrophe actress Sharon Horgan wrote: "Buy two copies of a fun, colourful story book. Face time them. Read your copy of book to them as they look through theirs."

My personal favorite piece of advice is courtesy of screenwriter-producer June Diane Raphael, who said: "My children (for the most part) get very disturbed and upset by facetime. I make a calendar so they can check off activities until i come back. And then spend as much time I can sleeping in and doing spa activities, drinking, drugs."

Another parent offered up this adorable suggestion, writing: "I’m in the hospital a lot, and my girlfriend got me this amazing blanket to take with me. Might be more of a ‘next time’ tip, but a giant soft picture of them really does help!"

No, I'm not tearing up. It's my just allergies, promise.

Podcaster and publisher Liz Gumbinner brought up a wise point, stating: "I traveled a lot for work when mine were little. It killed me. Someone once said, this is not when they need you most. It will be when they’re 7 or 9 or 13. That always stayed with me… And now that I have middle schoolers, I can tell you it’s true. be kind to yourself."

For those who prefer sensory hacks, this piece of advice from a fellow parent might be up your alley: "My sister will bring along a shirt that my nephew has worn once or twice and when she gets nervous or anxious she smells it."

There's a good chance Peretti will use some of these tips given her busy schedule. Although the actress recently left NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine, she just signed on to star in a new romantic drama, The Photograph, as Deadline reported.

Peretti's husband, director Jordan Peele, can use these tips too. The entertainer gave a shoutout to dads after her tweet picked up steam, writing, "I guess dads too," next to laughing face emojis.

So, here's to Peretti and all of the other parents out there who are missing their kids right now. Stay strong.