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Chicago Cubs Costumes For Kids So You Can Fly The W On Halloween

The Chicago Cubs may or may not still be playing on October 31 this year, but that doesn't mean that your little Cubs fans can't dress up in Cubs costumes to go trick or treating regardless of if the team is still competing or not. For most passionate little Cubs fans, dressing up in Chicago Cubs costumes, whatever form that may take, will likely be one of the easier costume requests they've made (or will make) because the costumes are relatively simple and most involve things they'd already have folded in their drawers or hanging in their closets anyway. Put those items to good use on Halloween and keep things easy breezy when it comes to pulling together a (relatively) last-minute costume.

From players to coaches (and managers), famous fans, lifelong diehards, the newly-created mascot, Clark the Cub and more, there are lots of ways for your kids to represent their favorite team on Halloween. No matter who they want to dress as, there are easy ways to pull it off. The list of possibilities is nearly endless, but these ideas will help get you started. Fly that W flag and fire up YouTube for a rendition of "Go Cubs Go" for a very Cubs-themed Halloween.


A Player


Dressing up as a player on your favorite team is arguably one of the easiest costumes to pull together for Halloween or any other occasion that calls for it. All you'll need is a jersey ($49, MLB Shop) or t-shirt that looks like one, a pair of baseballs pants ($20, Bases Loaded), and, of course, a Cubs hat ($11, MLB Shop) for a quick and easy costume that's sure to please. Don't forget the baseball mitt.


Manager Joe Maddon


Manager Joe Maddon may occasionally get second-guessed in Chicago (as all coaches, everywhere, do), but without him, the Cubs wouldn't be World Series champions and instead Cubs fans everywhere would still be waiting for next year. Dress up as the Cubs' manager for Halloween by wearing a Cubs hat, a pair of baseball pants, a Cubs postseason sweatshirt ($50, Wrigleyville Sports), and a look-a-like pair of Maddon's glasses ($19, Eye Buy Direct).


Clark The Cub


Fans seem to be split on whether they like new mascot Clark the Cub or not, but there's one thing that's for sure: if you're gearing up for a chilly Halloween, this costume will keep you warm. Start with brown footed pajamas ($23, Walmart ) and add a Cubs jersey, Cubs hat, and pair of blue sneakers ($40, DSW). The pajamas double as pants. Win-win.


A Wrigley Field Usher


Looking for a more creative (or less popular) Cubs-themed costume this year? Go as a Wrigley Field usher. All you'll need for the look is a navy blue polo ($6, The Children's Place), a pair of khaki pants ($10, The Children's Place), and a Cubs lanyard ($5, D Force Sports). It couldn't be simpler.


A Fan


You're already a fan, so why not embrace it when choosing your Halloween costume this year? Dress for the fall weather in a Cubs sweatshirt ($40, MLB Shop), pants ($26, MLB Shop), and knit hat ($15, MLB Shop). Top it all off with a W flag ($27, Amazon). It just might be the comfiest and coziest costume yet.


Pitcher Pedro Strop


Cubs pitcher Pedro Strop may not be the most famous face on the Cubs roster, but when he's out on the mound, there's no confusing him for anyone else. For your kid's Pedro Strop costume, all you'll need is a Cubs jersey (or t-shirt that looks like a jersey), matching baseball pants, a pitching glove ($13, Kohl's), and a Cubs hat that sits crookedly on their head. That's the most important part of the costume, so don't forget it.

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