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Chicago West's First Birthday Present Helps Her Twin With Mommy Kim K

It's hard to believe how much has happened in a year. Kim Kardashian's youngest daughter with husband, Kanye West — Chicago West — turned one year old on Tuesday, and it's easy to see how much she has grown. Such an important milestone has to be celebrated, so it makes sense that Chicago got some pretty elaborate presents for her birthday. Seriously, fans will freak that Chicago West's birthday present makes her a twin with her mom, because her present is just that cute.

Tuesday was all about celebrating Chicago, the Kardashian-West's newest, smallest, and cutest addition to their family. Kardashian started out the day by wishing her daughter a happy birthday, with the sweetest message on Instagram. "Happy birthday to my pretty girl Chi!!!!!," Kardashian wrote. "The sweetest baby in the whole world! Mommy and daddy love you so much!"

And the celebrating didn't stop there. During a low-key birthday dinner at the Kardashian-West home, there was a special delivery for the birthday girl. In a post on her Instagram story, Kardashian showed off Chicago's perfect birthday present — a kid's sized, electric, Mercedes G Series SUV (more commonly known as a G-Wagon) in a neon green color — from Chicago's aunt, Kourtney Kardashian, according to People.

In the video, you can hear Kim be so excited over the present, thanking her sister for such a generous gift. But no one was more excited than Kardashian and West's children — 5-year-old daughter, North, 3-year-old son, Saint, and even Chicago — who climbed all over the car and looked so happy to be "driving" it.

What kid wouldn't want such a fun and extravagant present like this one? Not only can the kids drive the car (license not required), but it also comes equipped with working lights and a working radio. And judging from the expressions on her kids faces, it seems as if they're so excited to "get on the road."

They could also be so excited because this car is an exact kid's replica of Kim's car. This past August, West surprised Kim with a neon green Mercedes Benz G-wagon, which she showed off in an Instagram story, according to the Daily Mail. On her Instagram story, Kim fawned over the car, which was an incredibly generous gift from her husband. Kim said, according to the Daily Mail:

Oh my gosh, I just got out of the gym and was surprised by this new baby. I loved it so much in Miami and I kept on talking about it!...You guys, I got the truck of my dreams because I was so excited in Miami.

While Kim's car might have cost West around $240,000, according to the Daily Mail, Chicago's own car wasn't as expensive. A kid's sized, battery operated G-Wagon retails for about $480 on Amazon (and is included in Amazon Prime). Although it might not come with the fancy custom paint job like Chicago's car, it's still a great present for the kids who appreciate the finer things in life. And based on the reactions from Kim's kids, you can't put a price on that kind of happiness.

Even before Chicago had a matching car with her mom, Kim said that she thought Chicago was her "twin." During an appearance on Ashley Graham's podcast, "Pretty Big Deal," Kim talked about her similarities with her youngest daughter. Kim said, according to Cosmopolitan:

She is such a doll. She looks like, honestly, my twin mixed with Saint. It's like the two of us in her. I think I was so nervous to have a surrogate and to have that connection that God was like, "I'm going to make her look just like you."

And now that they have matching cars, the mother-daughter duo are practically twins. Although it may be 17 more years until Chicago is really capable of driving a car of her own, this toy replica will have to suffice for now.