Children's ATV Toy Recalled For This Concerning Reason

A child's safety is understandably a major concern for parents, especially when it comes to toys. Child safety is why parents don't let babies play with toys that have small parts, or let toddlers play with toys that have with sharp edges. So, when a toy marketed towards kids is proven to be dangerous, voluntary recalls are important to listen to heed. Most recently, this children's ATV toy was recalled for an especially concerning reason, making parents and families who own this particular model of ATV take note of the newly discovered safety hazards.

A voluntary recall has been issued for the Peg Perego 850 Polaris Sportsman battery operated children's ATV vehicles purchased between October 2014 and April 2016. It is being voluntary recalled due to a potential fire safety issue. Fire is one element that most parents do not want their children to be dealing with, especially at a very young age. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), "a relay on the circuit board can fail causing the vehicle's motor to overheat and ignite, posing fire and burn hazards." According to the CPSC, Peg Perego has received "three complaints of overheating and one report of a burn."

Motorized vehicle toys can be fun for kids (especially when driving a real car is so far off in the distance), and one can see why parents would purchase this toy. But children and their parents should not be discouraged about their driving dreams if they do own one of these vehicles — Peg Perego has instructions for how parents can fix the problem.

Below are the date codes that are a part of the voluntary recall. According to the CPSC, the date code can be found under the vehicle's seat:

  • 651016
  • 651017
  • 651020
  • 651021
  • 651022
  • 651023
  • 651027
  • 651028
  • 651029
  • 651030
  • 660304
  • 660305
  • 661123
  • 661124
  • 661125
  • 661130

If your child's vehicle is one of the 3,000 Polaris Sportsman ATVs sold that has one of these date codes, Peg Perego is asking parents to email them at or call them at 877-737-3464 for more information. According to Peg Perego's website, consumers will then receive a free replacement circuit board with instructions on how to replace the circuit board, for absolutely no cost. Once the circuit board is replaced, children can go back to driving their ATV without having to worry about safety hazards.

Just two days ago, Peg Perego also issued a voluntary recall for two different discontinued stroller models that came after two reports of strangulation, according to WRIC News. The strollers were sold in stores from 2004 to 2007, but according to WRIC News, are being re-sold in some secondhand shops.

Safety is a major concern for every parent. Luckily, this voluntary recall with an easy fix is one way for parents who own the 850 Polaris Sportsman ATV to ensure their children play hazard-free.