Over 20,000 Children's Toy Shopping Carts Have Been Recalled Due To Safety Risk

by Morgan Brinlee

The toymaker behind a popular children's toy shopping cart announced a recall on the product after receiving reports of some models breaking into potentially dangerous pieces. On Feb. 27, Step2 moved to recall models of its Little Helper's Shopping Cart that were sold in both the United States and Canada, according to a recall alert by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

"It is possible that the basket on certain of these models may not meet our durability standards and prematurely break, posing a potential safety risk," a statement posted on Step2's website read. "We have isolated the issue to baskets on those models that were manufactured in May of 2019."

To determine if you have one of the recalled models, look under the shopping cart's handle for a date code combination of 5 and 19. Affected models include those with a blue shopping basket and tan cart "legs" (model number 700000), as well as those with a pink basket and gray or white cart "legs" (model numbers 8567KL and 708500, respectively). If you find that you have a recalled model, Step2 has cautioned parents to "immediately stop using the shopping cart."

According to the CPSC, Step2 has received 22 reports of baskets on the cart breaking into sharp pieces, potentially posing a laceration hazard for children. No injuries have yet to be reported. More than 20,000 carts are expected to be recalled from consumers across the United States and Canada. The recall impacts about 17,000 toy shopping carts in the United States and 3,500 in Canada.

Consumers are advised to contact Step2 for a free replacement toy shopping cart or a $40 credit toward the purchase of a different Step2 product. Consumers can contact Step2 by either filling out a recall form on its website or calling the company at 800-347-8372.