Chinese Orphans Separated By Adoption Were Reunited & Will Give You All Sorts Of Emotions

If you need to beat the mid-week blues, please look no further than these two Chinese orphans separated by adoption and reunited by two families. It's quite possibly the most adorable story on the internet. (And god knows we need something happy and heartwarming these days.)

First, there's 4-year- old Hannah, who was adopted by the Sykes family in North Texas from a Chinese orphanage last year. As the Sykes were looking over her adoption materials, they noticed that Hannah had always been photographed by the orphanage with a little boy, 3-year-old Dawson; The two were often pictured holding hands, happy as can be.

Once the Sykes family went to China to pick Hannah up, they realized quickly that Dawson and Hannah were, in fact, BFFs. After looking into it, Sharon Sykes, now Hannah's mom, learned that the two were inseparable and even shared a weekend foster family together back in China. The two besties even referred to each other as brother and sister.

Needless to say, being adopted by the Sykes was a good thing for Hannah, but it must have been terrible for the tot to say goodbye to Dawson. So the Sykes went to work. They posted about Dawson on Facebook and randomly, as it turned out, the Clarys family, whom the Sykes knew from church and lived 5 minutes away, were able to subsequently adopt Dawson. After almost a year apart, Hannah met up with Dawson once again when he arrived at the Dallas Fort-Worth airport a short time later.

The two kids were elated — it must have seemed like pure magic to see each other after Dawson's long flight and spending time away. I mean, just watch:

Apparently, that went on for about twenty minutes, according to Sharon.

The kids laughing and hugging each other in the middle of the airport is one of the best displays of, well, seriously everything. They won't be attending the same school, according to a local CBS affiliate, but they will be close enough for playdates and birthdays and all of the good stuff that best friends do together.

The Clarys decided to adopt Dawson after seeing the Sykes' pictures on Facebook, from the family's trip to China. Sharon said that it made her heart hurt to separate the two friends, even more so because Dawson didn't have his own family to go to.

Now that everyone's reunited, the families say the kids have done more for them than they ever did for the children. "It’s not really what we’re doing for these kids. It’s what they’re doing for us,” Andy Sykes said.

The Sykes already have two sons close to Hannah's age and the Clarys have three children — two girls that are 1 and 4 years old, and a 2-year-old son. So Hannah and Dawson went from having just each other to having a whole gaggle of new friends and siblings.

Seriously, though, bookmark that video every time you feel like a pick me up. Those two kids are joy personified.