Chip Gaines Just Shared His First Photo Of Son, Crew

Now that HGTV's Fixer Upper is off air, fans of the show can't follow along with the stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines, and their journey to "fixing up" and renovating homes. But, fans can now follow along with the Gaines' and their new journey as parents of five, after they welcomed their fifth child, Crew Gaines, into the world last month. Sure, it might not be a newly renovated house to draw inspiration from, but Chip Gaines' first photo of son, Crew, is so much better than that.

Three weeks ago, on June 23, Joanna gave birth to Crew, according to Us Weekly, in what was a long awaited delivery. The birth was definitely anticipated — especially since the Fixer Upper finale aired in April, according to Country Living, which meant people seeing a lot less of the couple in magazines and on their TV screens. But in the weeks since Joanna gave birth to Crew, she has been making her way back into the public eye, sharing the cutest photos of her son (in addition to his nursery) on her Instagram account.

On Friday, Chip finally caught up with his wife, taking to his own Instagram to share his first ever photo of Crew — and it did not disappoint. In the photo, Crew can be seen cuddling against Chip's arm looking so peaceful and happy in his first three weeks of life. The photo is that precious and Chip's caption is even sweeter. "My heart is full..," Chip captioned the photo.

But fans hearts were even more full after getting a close look at the little boy's face — and they took to his Instagram comments to share their thoughts about the super cute photo. "He looks like his daddy!," one commenter wrote.

"Wow Chip!," another commenter added. "He already looks like you!"

"Such a beautiful baby," one commenter perfectly stated. "Great job Chip and Joanna, one of your best creations."

Of course, as previously stated, this isn't the first time that fans have gotten to see Crew. One day after he was born, Joanna took to Instagram where she shared a photo of Crew laying beside her in the hospital. And over the course of the past three weeks, she has shared photos of their son laying in her arms and Chip's arms. But this photo that Chip posted to Instagram on Friday might be the most intimate photo of Crew that they've shared yet. In the photo, fans can get a really good look at the little boy's facial features and his full head of hair, which is super exciting. It can't get any better than that.

Sure, it might have taken Chip three weeks to post the photo, but the wait was definitely worth it.

In case it wasn't clear to anyone, Chip loves being a dad. In an interview with Country Living last month (before his wife gave birth), Chip called being a dad "his favorite job of all." And by being a dad, Chip told Country Living that he has "learned so many things" from each of his kids. "...I couldn't list them all, but it never gets old learning a little bit more each day about their unique personalities," Chip said, according to Country Living.

With there being quite an age gap between Crew and his older siblings, according to People, Chip will have plenty of time and patience to learn from his son as Crew teaches his dad new things about his emerging personality. But based on Crew's expression in Chip's newest Instagram photo, he looks like the sweetest and most peaceful baby. Chip and Joanna can only hope that he stays that way.