Chip & Joanna Gaines' New TV Network Will Follow Another Sweet Family In New Series

Former Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines left their hit HGTV show in April 2018 to pursue exciting new projects, one of which includes a return to TV. The former reality stars now have their own TV network, Magnolia Network, and fans of the couple will love that one of the first shows featured on Chip and Joanna Gaines' TV network will follow Johnnyswim in a brand new series focused on their life on the road as touring musicians with a family.

Fixer Upper fans know that Chip and Joanna are passionate about two things: home renovation and the importance of family, which the first series to come to the Gaines' new TV network will on. The six episode series, Home on the Road, will follow husband and wife duo, Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano Ramirez, aka Johnnyswim, and follow them as they tour the nation with their young kids, ages 4 and 1, according to People. The show will address the difficulties of raising two young kids on the road, while attempting to make anywhere (plus a tour bus) feel like home.

Joanna explained in an Instagram post that she and Chip have been fascinated with them and their story since first meeting them "a little over five years ago".

"They're dreamers, musicians, artists, storytellers, and parents — living life out of a tour bus, and making the most out of every town they visit," Joanna wrote. "We're so excited to work with them on telling their story on our network with Discovery TV. Let's make some magic, Johnnyswim!"

Aside from wanting to tell their story, Chip and Joanna have a special connection to Johnnyswim. The band is behind the Fixer Upper theme song, according to Country Living. And in 2016, Joanna told HuffPost that listening to the band's second album, Georgica Pond, personally touches them. "Johnnyswim's music speaks to us on so many different levels," Joanna said. "We fall in love all over again while listening to Georgica Pond."

What's more, in January 2018 (shortly after the couple announced they were expecting their fifth child), Chip tweeted that their baby on the way was likely conceived after a Johnnyswim concert: "You might recall a few months back..the ever amazing, ever romantic, Johnnyswim was in Waco. And they put on a little too romantic of a concert..anyways, one thing led to another and we are officially pregnant. And I could not be more EXCITED."

Just six months after Chip tweeted that, their fifth child, son Crew Gaines, was born.

Their TV network, along with Home On The Road, won't premiere until October 2020, according to Country Living, so in the meantime, people can get familiar with Ramirez and Sudano Ramirez, who's the daughter of disco musician, Donna Summer. The couple has been making music together since 2005, after meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, Relevant Magazine reported. They got married in 2009, according to The Post & Courier, have released three studio albums, and have been living their life together as touring musicians ever since.

The couple told NPR in 2014 that life on the road is comfortable for them. "Instead of the longer you're out on the road, the more it gets claustrophobic, the longer you're out on the road, it gets nicer to have [Ramirez] there because he's the closest thing to home I have," Sudano Ramirez told NPR. "Home is where he is." Ramirez added, "The greatest asset to our marriage is that we're on a constant adventure together."

This adventure (and more) will be captured for cameras when Home on the Road airs next year on Chip and Joanna's new TV network.