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Here's How You Can Cash In On Chipotle's National Burrito Day Deal

It's the day we've all been waiting for, guys. Yup, today is National Burrito Day and that means you can get free, yes free, delivery on your Chipotle burrito on Thursday, April 4. The company is celebrating the holiday by giving its customers free delivery on any orders $10 or more. Translation: Your extra side of guac is basically free. Score.

To cash in on Chipotle's free delivery deal today, all you'll have to do is make an order via the Chipotle app or directly on's order page. Or if you're a customer on DoorDash, you can place your Chipotle order through the delivery service as well. So if you were hoping to relax tonight in your PJs and not sweat over the stove for dinner, this Chipotle deal has your back.

And if you're feeling a little adventurous or just looking to try something other than your usual go-to Chipotle order, the company also partnered up with YouTuber David Dobrik — he really loves Chipotle burritos — to celebrate National Burrito Day by making his favorite menu item, perfectly dubbed "the Dobrik Burrito."

What's in this burrito that makes it so special, you ask? Well, according to a company press release, "The Dobrik Burrito is made up of brown rice, black beans, chicken, mild salsa, two scoops of corn salsa, a sprinkle of cheese and a side of guac for dipping." Chipotle's National Burrito Day special — aka the Dobrik Burrito — is only available on digital orders, today through Sunday, April 7.

"We know a few things about burritos at Chipotle and we think that ultimately, National Burrito Day is about celebrating those who love burritos," Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer of Chipotle, said in a press release. "By making David's order a digital exclusive, we're able to celebrate one of our favorite days with his fans everywhere in a unique and personal way."

Beyond Chipotle's free delivery deal, lots of companies are celebrating National Burrito Day today with special offers of their own. For instance, as USA Today reported, Baja Fresh is offering $5 burritos, Del Taco is giving its customers a free half-pound Bean & Cheese Burrito with a $5 purchase through its app, and Moe's Southwest Grill is dishing out $5 burritos in all its locations across the nation.

Anyone suddenly starving?

The great thing about National Burrito Day is that the deals offered today aren't exclusively for burritos. So if you're more of a taco kind of gal or a burrito bowl kind of dude, you can still cash in on these special deals.

And, in case you thought you were alone in your excitement, fear not. People on Twitter are definitely psyched about this national holiday. "When you’re ready for that Burrito w/ GUAC to come through! #FREEDelivery#NationalBurritoDay," one person tweeted on Thursday.

So, in honor of National Burrito Day — a holiday everyone should be celebrating today — go ahead and treat yourself, with a heaping side of guac, of course.