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Chris Pratt Was Dad-Shamed On His Wedding Day & Oy

In case you missed the big news, Chris Pratt is now a married man — again, that is. The actor and Katherine Schwarzenegger tied the knot on Sunday. And already, the newlyweds have shared a wedding photo with their Instagram followers — along with a sweet message. Unfortunately, their marital bliss managed to bring out the internet trolls. Because as it turns out, Chris Pratt was dad-shamed on his wedding day.

As People reported, Pratt and Schwarzenegger tied the knot on Sunday, June 9 during an intimate ceremony held in California. On Monday, both Pratt and Schwarzenegger took to Instagram to share the same photo of themselves staring lovingly into each other's eyes while wearing their wedding attire. "Yesterday was the best day of our lives!" they wrote. "We became husband and wife in front of God, our families and those we love. It was intimate, moving and emotional. We feel so blessed to begin this new chapter of our lives."

It's a pretty typical reflection following the exchange of marriage vows, right? Except, plenty of Instagram users honed in on one particular portion of their message: "the best day of our lives."

Because here's the thing: Chris Pratt has been married before. After eight years together, Pratt and Anna Faris announced their separation in August 2017, Variety reported. (Although their divorce wasn't finalized until October 2018.) Although they "tried hard for a long time," and were "really disappointed," Pratt and Faris have been able to amicably co-parent her son, Jack.

Considering this is Pratt's second marriage and he has a son, the "best day of their lives" bit rubbed people the wrong way, according to Yahoo! Entertainment. One follower commented, "I love Chris Pratt .But this upsets me a little ... to say that this is the best day of your life when you’ve been married before and had children. What about those days? It just kinda implies that those things weren’t just as important, even if times have changed.”

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“It is the best day of his life until the next time he gets married,” another Instagram user wrote. (I mean, is that really necessary?)

Negative comments were also left on Schwarzenegger's Instagram post. ”I would think the best day of his life would be the day his son was born, but carry on,” one commenter wrote. (Ouch!)

Still, there were people who defended Chris Pratt against the trolls. One person made an excellent point, writing “He just said the best day of ‘their’ lives together (Chris and Katherine). The two of them. That’s how I see it. Chris Pratt is a kind, down-to-earth guy that loves his other family (Anna and their son) I’m sure. Wouldn’t it be insensitive to say ‘this is the 2nd, 3rd best day of my life’? So I think he phrased it well.”

Honestly, I think the whole "best day of our lives" thing was blown way out of proportion. I'm sure Chris Pratt thought his marriage to Anna Faris was a wonderful day. (At the time, at least.) And of course the birth of his so was a magical moment in time for the actor. Can we just let him be happy with his new bride? Because I'm 100-percent positive that just because Pratt has a ring on his finger, he didn't suddenly stop caring for his son and ex-wife. Congrats on your big day, you two!