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Chris Pratt's Best Parenting Tweets & Pics Show Why He's An Awesome Dad


Chris Pratt is many things, including a great actor and a charming comedian. But Chris Pratt's parenting tweets show that he's also a great dad. It's almost like he was made for this stuff. Pratt and his wife Anna Faris have a 3 year old son together named Jack and apparently, he's the coolest kid ever. Faris told E! Online that there were paparazzi the other day waiting for them when she picked him up from school. "Jack waved at them and said, 'Cheese!'" That's pretty hysterical. Pratt's also usually surprised by his toddler. He told Ellen last year that Jack kills him with kindness.

It's super frustrating because you're like, 'Alright, now. Jack, I think it's time for bed,' and he'll say, 'Hm, I thought about it and no thanks, Dad, not right now.' He's so polite! What am I supposed to do?

Overall, they sound like the sweetest family in all of Hollywood. And both parents aren't shy about the struggle that is parenting. Pratt is also super active when it comes to children's' causes. As an actor, he often visits children sick with cancer who want to see their favorite guardian of the galaxy, and he fights for awareness about premature births, given that Jack was born prematurely (but seems to be doing just fine now). Here are some other posts that show just how adorable this family unit is.

When He Made S'Mores

Apparently, these were Jack's first. Throwing a s'more party is the best.

When He Gets Sappy

Reading that makes me tear up.

When He Doesn't Mind The Stench

Ah, vomit. The one true sign of parenting.

When He Tries To Keep It Real For Jack

It's one thing to post pics of Jack on their own accounts, but a toddler probably won't get why random people are trying to take his parents' pictures in an airport.

When They Go Fishing

Pratt captioned this photo, "This little dude is bass fishing crazy. Just like his daddy!" Too much.

He Has Good Bedtime Stories

Reading books you can share with your kids later on is best thing about parental mind control.

When He's Into Family Time

Pratt wrote that he liked getting to experience "old things as new again" while watching The Wizard of Oz with his son and wife. Who wouldn't?

Pratt and Faris definitely seem to be enjoying themselves (and learning a lot as they go) when it comes to being parents to Jack. But do they have to be so adorable about it?