Chris Pratt's Top Dad Tweets Show He's Just As Sappy As He Is Funny

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Chris Pratt seems like a super cool dude. He's hysterical, visits sick children in hospitals, picks hilarious scripts, and, let's face it, Anna Faris is the bomb. But until you see some of Chris Pratt's best dad tweets, you don't really know just how awesome this man is. He obviously adores Jack, who is 4 years old and wears the coolest glasses ever. It hasn't always been easy for baby Jack and his parents, though. Jack was born nine weeks early and weighed just 3 little pounds when he was born. Pratt joked at the March of Dimes Celebration of Babies Hollywood Luncheon in 2014 that "that's a decent size bass. Very small for a human."

Like all premature babies, Jack's first days in the world were spent in the neonatal intensive care unit, where Pratt said that he played him country music and sang him songs when he was able to do "skin to skin" with Jack. Luckily, the little guy made a healthy recovery. Must be the power of music and lots of love.

Pratt said of Jack, "Our Jack went from a small helpless little squirt to a strong, happy, funny, and vocal boy. He loves monster trucks and Daniel Tiger and, believe it or not, he loves vegetables. Broccoli and cherry tomatoes are his favorite foods."

Jack sounds like a pretty cool dude. But probably because he has such a great dad and mom taking care of him.

Just check out Pratt's best tweets, if you're still unsure.

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