Chrissy Teigen adopted a new puppy, and he's basically the cutest.
Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen's Family Just Adopted The Most Adorable Rescue Puppy Named Petey

In addition to precious photos of Miles and sassy videos of Luna, the world of Instagram will now be treated to some prime pet content now that Chrissy Teigen has adopted a new puppy. Over the weekend, the mom of two introduced her family's fluffy new addition to her social media followers and, oh boy, he's a real cutie.

"Welcome to the family, Petey!" Teigen captioned the post shared on Sunday, which featured a clip of their caramel-colored puppy. "Thank you @theellenshow and @wagmorpets for making us aware of this adorable little rescue family. This little guy grabbed our heart first and will hold onto it forever!"

I mean, just look at that angelic floof! Those blue eyes clearly demand 24/7 cuddles. Teigen's followers promptly melted from how irresistibly fuzzy their new puppy is. "Oh my goddddddddd. NEED," Stassi Schroeder commented. Meanwhile, Brooklyn Decker declared, "Oh dear lord I’m in love." And one Twitter user wrote, "The level of adorable in your household is unfair but please post all about it so I can enjoy!" And one more wrote to Teigen, "Just when I think I can't love you guys anymore, you adopt a dog! Thank you for rescuing and not buying #adoptdontshop."

Over on Twitter, Teigen shared more details about their furry friend — including the inspiration behind his cute moniker. "The name petey brought to you by dumb and dumber," she shared. For inquiring fans, the new fur mom also revealed that Petey is a standard poodle, adding, "and if he’s anything like his dad, he will be the biggest caramel Gumby ever seen."

Teigen also shared a clip of Luna carrying Petey over to her dad, and then offering to let John Legend hold him in yet another precious Instagram update. "John, would you like to hold her?" the 3-year-old asks in the clip, to which Legend replies, "I'm not John, I'm your dad." Teigen captioned the post with, "excuse me?"

Chrissy Teigen and her family are clearly head-over-heels in love with their snuggly standard poodle pup. Aside from another baby, the only thing that could take the cuteness factor of Teigen's social media stream to the next level is adding a puppy into the mix. (Petey, for the record, seems more than capable of tackling the job.) And have a feeling this is only the beginning of the barrage of aww-worthy updates featuring Petey to come.