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Chrissy Teigen Documented Luna Trying Her First Happy Meal & Fans Are Loving It

Chrissy Teigen keeps it real as a mom to her two young kids under the age of two — 2-year-old daughter, Luna, and 8-month-old son, Miles. She's not afraid to be open and honest with her fans and share both her successes and her pitfalls as a parent with her audience. Because of this, it makes sense that Chrissy Teigen documented Luna trying her first Happy Meal from McDonald's — and her fans are loving it, too.

There are a lot of important milestones in a child's life that need to be documented. From their first words, to their first steps, to their first solid foods, it is important for parents to get these moments on camera. But of course, leave it to Teigen to document another huge milestone in her daughter's life — trying her first McDonald's Happy Meal. Late last week, Teigen took to Twitter where she shared a video of Luna getting to enjoy her first bite of the deliciousness.

In the video (taken from a car, where McDonald's always tastes best), Luna can be seen in her car seat, sitting next to Teigen's mom, and reaching for her Happy Meal.

"Luna, look! Lu, it's your first Happy Meal!," Teigen exclaims in the video.

But Luna, of course, sounded much more excited to dig in to her box rather than talk about the meal — even if she was just a little confused by what she was about to taste. "This is my first french fries," Luna said.

"It's not your first french fries, it's your first Happy Meal," Teigen replied.

You can't blame Teigen for correcting her — it's not the french fries that Luna needed to be excited about, it's the whole experience of trying it. There is so much to love about the meal — from the cheeseburger, to the french fries, to the surprise toy inside that is so much fun to play with. I was so obsessed with fast food as a kid, I would have loved for someone to document this very pivotal moment in my life.

And people on Twitter were loving that Teigen decided to share this part of her life with her followers.

But, of course, the mom-shamers were also quick to point out that McDonald's isn't the healthiest food to be feeding a toddler.

But Teigen knows that everything is best in moderation — even McDonald's, which she loves. It's common knowledge that she is obsessed with the fast food chain, so much so that she became the "new face" of the Dollar Menu last year, according to Eater.

She even loves McDonald's so much that she told TODAY late last year that she orders from the restaurant on Christmas Day as a "lazy" alternative.

And last February, Teigen told Food & Wine that one of her favorite foods is a cheeseburger from McDonalds — and because of this, she keeps them in her home and reheats them in the microwave. "I swear, anytime I order them, I get four at a time and keep them in the fridge and then just heat them up, and it's truly the perfect snack," Teigen told the magazine.

Although Teigen loves the fast food chain and was so excited for Luna's first Happy Meal, she told Spoon University that she was actually scared to introduce her daughter to the Happy Meal. Teigen explained that she was fearful that her daughter would become obsessed with collecting the toys:

She doesn't know about McDonald's toys yet though, so I think when she realizes that can happen, that that might be a problem. Because she definitely loves little things, she calls them her guys. We have so many tiny plastic guys all around the house, and they all have to sit in a different way, and she is definitely going to become a collector of McDonald's toys for sure.

Teigen very well could have created a monster in this moment. But given how much Teigen loves McDonalds, it doesn't seem like she'll mind making a few more stops there.