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Chrissy Teigen Dressed Miles As John Legend & It's Just Too Much

Even before they had children together, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were total relationship goals, but now that they've built a family with their kids, Luna and Miles? Well, they've just become even more adorable. On Saturday though, Teigen took to social media to share photos of her little boy, and somehow she managed to outdo even herself. That's because Chrissy Teigen dressed Miles as John Legend in honor of her husband's 40th birthday party that night, according to Billboard, and while *any* baby would look adorable in a suit, the fact that Miles happens to be Legend's total mini-me was just way too much for anyone to handle.

Legend's actual birthday may have passed a few days after Christmas in December, but since turning 40 is quite a big milestone, it seems the couple opted to hold off on planning a big bash until the new year. Now that the day of the party has arrived though, it seems that Teigen has come up with some truly thoughtful details — including dressing Legend's lookalike son in a full-on baby tuxedo so that he can look just like his proud papa.

The only problem? Teigen had come prepared with two clothing choices, and couldn't quite decide whether or not to dress Miles in a white or black suit. To settle the matter, she took to Twitter, posting a photo of Miles in each outfit, so that social media could help her decide.

Though it's already a well-established fact that Miles is super cute, seeing him dressed up all fancy for his dad's birthday was beyond adorable, especially because he really did look *exactly* like Legend. But though he definitely would have been a huge hit in either outfit, the poll Teigen posted on her Twitter thread made it clear that her followers certainly had a favorite: of the over 300,000 votes tallied, more than two-thirds opted for the white suit.

Little Miles definitely cut a dapper figure in the outfits, and even after voting, some commenters couldn't help but weigh in. There were those who felt contrasting outfits would be a logistical necessity:

And those who felt Miles and John must match completely:

Another popular suggestion though? Having Miles make a middle-of-the-night costume change, like the little star he is clearly is:

In other words, seeing young Miles in a tuxedo brought out all kinds of online opinions, yet they all seemed to at least agree on the fact that he was basically the cutest child to ever exist. And though it wasn't entirely clear if Legend was aware of what his wife was planning for their son's wardrobe, either way it seems safe to assume he would be thrilled.

Of course, Saturday's party wasn't the first time Teigen helped celebrate her husband's 40th: on Instagram in December, she shared a sweet birthday tribute to Legend, according to People, posting a series of photos from their life together, along with a caption that read,

Happy 40th birthday to the most incredible man. The best father, hardest worker, best lover, best friend I could ever imagine. Every day I am grateful for how much you love us and how much you both say it and show it. You are one of a kind. I am grateful to your family for creating and raising such a pure, sweet, brilliant man. The world has been blessed by your 40 years on this planet.

And though it's not clear if Teigen opted to follow Twitter's advice and stick Miles in the white tuxedo for the big night, hopefully it won't be long until the rest of the world gets to see some photos from the party. But something tells me she will probably want to include at least one photo of father and son together, because if Twitter doesn't have a chance to see Legend and Miles dressed in matching outfits after all of this, it would simply be far too much of a disappointment.

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