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Chrissy Teigen Had The *Perfect* Response When Someone Told Her To Put On A Bra

When it comes to clapping back at haters and rude critics on social media, no one does it better (or more hilariously) than the one and only Chrissy Teigen. So when Chrissy Teigen got shamed for not wearing a bra recently, you know she would have something to say back. And, of course, she responded to one such critic perfectly and gave her fans and followers a nice chuckle as well.

Earlier this week, Teigen, who is currently on vacation in Thailand with her adorable family, shared a photo of herself on Instagram standing in a toy store, wearing a burgundy jumpsuit, and looking off into the distance with a surprised expression on her face. "What do you think I'm looking at," she captioned the photo.

Although she did answer the fans who correctly identified that she was, yes, looking at Polly Pocket dolls in the store, uncalled for comments about her lack of bra quickly began to pile up. "A bra," one person commented on the photo, while another person quipped, "Bras!?"

But one bra-shaming comment in particular seems to have caught Teigen's attention. After one person wrote, "a bra, girl get you one!" Teigen perfectly responded with: "Allow me to save you from my titties."

Chrissy Teigen/ Instagram

On Wednesday evening, the Instagram account "Comments by Celebs" shared the interaction, and people began to respond to just how inappropriate and rude the comments shaming her for going bra-less were. "Why do normal anatomy and normal aging changes offend people so much? Boobs are meant to hang. F*ck bras and society," one response read. Another said, "Why do people concern themselves with other people’s undergarments? Oh my tits are saggy? Who f*cking cares?! Oh you can see my nips poking through? Everyone has nipples, why do you care? Ugh! People are so obnoxious!"

However, Teigen clearly had a great sense of humor about the whole ordeal, as she does pretty much everything in her life. Soon after, she posted video of herself in the same jumpsuit, sliding down into a kid's ball pit, grabbing her chest as her top began to slip as she went in. "Whoopsie daisy," she hilariously captioned the video.

Though Teigen is very familiar with online shaming at this point, she previously confessed that she recognizes she really can't win with the trolls, as People reported, so she's not going to try to. “Everyone so used to a** shots and photoshopped Instagrams,” she tweeted July in response to a candid photo of her and husband John Legend that went viral, in which he seemed to be glaring disapprovingly at her backside. “I’ve had no a** forever. Is this new news to some of you?

The fact that it seems Teigen has pretty much become immune to this type of commentary on social media is pretty unfortunate, and speaks to the type of social climate we still live in. But thankfully, we have true and hilarious icons like Chrissy Teigen to put the haters in their place.