Chrissy Teigen is using Botox to treat pregnancy headaches, the model and cookbook author recently r...

Here's Why Chrissy Teigen Is Treating Her Pregnancy Headaches With Botox

While it's not uncommon for a celebrity to admit to using Botox, it isn't vanity that's drawing one model and mom of two to the drug — it's pain. Chrissy Teigen is treating pregnancy headaches with Botox, the model, television personality, cookbook author, and mom revealed. Teigen is currently expecting her third child with husband John Legend.

"I get really, really bad pregnancy headaches," Teigen tweeted Friday. "Was thrilled to be cleared to do neck muscle botox along with a crazy combo of beta blocker shots and radio wave frequency something something doctor terms. Anyhow, man it's just so bad but I see the light finally."

Teigen later revealed she has previously used "jaw Botox" to treat teeth grinding that caused regular headaches outside of her pregnancy. "Jaw Botox for my grinding was a MUST for my regular headaches," she tweeted. "You can also do behind the brow for migraines. Life changing."

Although Botox may be best known for smoothing out facial wrinkles, it is also used to treat more serious health issues. According to the American Migraine Foundation, Botox is an FDA-approved treatment for those who suffer from 15 or more migraines a month. As a neurotoxin known as botulinum toxin, Botox temporarily reduces muscle contractions when purified and injected in small doses into specific areas. When injected around the pain fibers involved in headaches and migraines, Botox blocks chemicals involved in pain transmission from being released from nearby nerve endings, thus preventing pain networks in the brain from being activated.

Unfortunately for the model-turned-mother, headaches seem to be a common occurrence during her pregnancies. In December 2017, while pregnant with her second child, Teigen turned to Twitter for advice on how to treat pregnancy headaches. "I love being pregnant. I like it more than not being pregnant," Teigen tweeted. "But the headaches, my god the headaches. Someone… please help. Don't say water. Or Tylenol. Or iron. Or magnesium. I need witchcraft."

On Friday, as more and more of her followers pressed her for more information or shared their own experience with pregnancy headaches or chronic migraines, Teigen encouraged them to consult a neurologist rather than a cosmetic injector. "If you have the means to go to a neurologist instead of cosmetic," Teigen tweeted. "It's a lot better and safer because they talk to your OB."