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Chrissy Teigen Jokes That Kids Can Be A "Buzzkill" & Every Mom *Knows* What She Means

Chrissy Teigen has built a reputation for herself on social media for being one of the most honest — and hilarious — celebrity parents today. From her openness about struggling with infertility and postpartum depression, to venting about #toddlerproblems, to just sharing quirky tidbits about her life, this model mama is a must-follow on Instagram. Sure, she's a millionaire. But let's face it, her brutal candor makes the soon-to-be mom of two incredibly relatable. Recently, Chrissy Teigen joked that kids can be "buzzkill," and moms everyone responded with a resounding, "Amen!"

Nov. 30 was Teigen's 32nd birthday, and she celebrated in style this past weekend with a "retro-glam, Pan Am Experience-themed party," according to Us Weekly. Naturally, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model took to Instagram to share the extravagant affair. On Sunday, Teigen post a group photo of herself and party attendees in their Pan Am garb, along with a lengthy caption. "The best bday party I've ever forced anyone to throw me," she wrote. "... Everything is better with you and Lu. Well, not everything is better with Lu... honestly kids can kinda be a buzzkill sometimes. But we won't tell her and I'll delete this before she can read."

LOL! It's funny because it's so true. And seems plenty of Teigen's Instagram followers agree, as many honed in on the "buzzkill" part and offered their praises.

"Love your honesty about kids being a buzzkill sometimes!" one person wrote. "Everyone's always so fake about kids being so sweet and such fun all the time!!" Another follower commented, "Your posts with little snippets of the frustrations of parenting make me feel that much more sane. THANK YOU." Yet another person confirmed, "Kids can be a buzz kill. I love your honesty, they really really are some days!"

Another Instagram user pointed out a harsh truth I hadn't considered. "It’s ok...when she gets older she’ll think her parents are a buzzkill sometimes. Lol!" Oh, man. When you put it like that, I guess I should enjoy my time being the buzzkill-ee instead of the buzzkill-er while I can.

"A buzzkill, but somehow we still want more. Funny how that works!" someone else chimed in. Another commenter had a pretty compelling theory. "Love this @chrissyteigen kids are totally a buzz kill I’m convinced that’s why they’re so stinking cute."

As a mom of three, I can attest that kids can absolutely be a buzzkill. Sure, babies are snuggly, toddlers say everything wrong in the most adorable way, and older kids continue to learn and pursue their passions. And they're all amazing things to witness.

However, things that were once pleasant (or even mundane) before kids suddenly become a huge ordeal after kids. Like getting ready to go practically anywhere. Before kids: "Oh, I need to run a few quick errands. I'll just put my shoes on, grab my keys and head out." With kids: "I've told you five times already, put your shoes on! Your shoes. No, those are on the wrong feet. Here, let me help you. OK, get in the van. The van, yes. Stop screaming at your brother! Where are your sister's socks? Why aren't you sitting in your car seat? Sit down and buckle up. Yes, I have a snack for you — now stop kicking mommy's seat, sweetheart. Please. Just. Stop!"

Or, eating out at a restaurant. What was once a relaxing, enjoyable experience is now a rushed and often stressful one. On a bad day, or if we have particularly slow service, one or more of the kids will be hangry and restless. (Especially the toddler.) Instead of engaging in pleasant, adult conversation, my husband and I desperately attempt to distract our kids with tablets, coloring, taking silly photos, or even walking around with the upset child. And instead of casually enjoying our meal, we're rushing to cut up the little ones' food, make sure it isn't too hot and doing our best to prevent spills/huge messes — all while scarfing our down our own food without really tasting it.

So yeah, fair warning: Kids can be a buzzkill sometimes, as Teigen spoke truthfully about. But since they're a part of us and they're cute — and humans eating their young is generally frowned upon — parents learn to deal. Love you guys!

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