Chrissy Teigen shares her kids are at the "perfect ages" right now.

Chrissy Teigen Says Her Kids Are The "Perfect Age" In Serene Vacation Post

Every so often, parents look around and suddenly realize, "Whoa, I blinked, and my kids have entered into a whole new phase. And it's ... actually nice." This often happens when a baby learns to sit up unassisted and is able to simply play by themselves on the floor. (Without holding them!) Or when a toddler is finally potty-trained — and at long last, diapers become a thing of the past. Recently though, Chrissy Teigen said her kids are the "perfect age" in a vacation post. And honestly, it's a moment we all dream of.

As a refresher, Teigen shares two young children with her husband John Legend: Luna, who turns 4 in April, and 19-month-old Miles. And as Legend revealed to People in November, their family of four decided to spend Christmas in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this year — instead of at their home in Los Angeles, California. “We decided to go to the snow since we live in LA and it doesn’t feel Christmassy here in December no matter what time of year it is," Legend told the publication following the announcement of his being named People's Sexiest Man Alive 2019. "So we decided we’re gonna go up to Wyoming and be around the snow.”

As it turns out, the decision to spend the holidays in Wyoming was a very, very good one. This was clear on Thursday, Dec. 26, when Teigen took to Instagram to share just how happy she was feeling — and for a couple of reasons. For starters, the cookbook author declared that she had found her "happy place" in Jackson Hole. "Feeling pure happiness and joy and especially appreciative of being shacked up with a view of the mountains and the pure, cool air flowing through the windows," she captioned a photo of herself and Luna snuggling on a couch together.

In addition to her spectacular surroundings, the mom of two went on to say that she is in love with the stages her kiddos are currently at, Us Weekly reported. "Feeling like my kids are currently theeee perfect age, keeping me on my toes and seeing their new found personalities and active little minds shine every day," Teigen continued. "I just love it here and love my family so f*cking much. I mean life is cool in LA and all but this...this is heaven on earth."

In other festive Luna/Miles news, Teigen shared a video of a Santa sighting where they were staying in Jackson Hole on Christmas Day. And her kids' reactions to spotting Old Saint Nick walking in the front yard with a sack of toys — and even pausing to wave at them — is basically the best thing ever. As Santa darts across the snow, kids and adults can be heard cheering and screaming with delight. "Merry Christmas to you and yours," Teigen captioned the Instagram post, alongside a heart emoji.

Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and their adorable kiddos clearly had an amazing Christmas away from it all this year. There's just something about getting away from the routine and the familiarity of everyday life — along with taking time to reconnect with family over the holidays — that's just incredibly soothing to the soul. Hopefully, Teigen continues to soak in every delicious moment with her little ones during this amazing stage in her kids' lives.