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Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Luna's Sweet New Obsession Will Sound So Familiar To Many Parents

From the moment you become a parent, your little one is watching you. Before long, that tiny baby starts mimicking your facial expressions and smiles. And eventually, that morphs into copying the sounds and syllables you're constantly making in her direction. Before you know it, you have a little shadow following you around everywhere, just soaking in your mannerisms and trying to copy your daily routine — and for plenty of parents, that means a beauty routine. Whether your daily regimen includes face washes, lotions, or makeup, you can bet your child will soon want in on the action. (Even if he or she doesn't have to worry about covering up red patches, acne, and wrinkles quite yet.) Celebrity children are certainly no exception to this. In fact, Chrissy Teigen said Luna loves doing makeup with her, and it's pretty much the sweetest thing.

During an interview with WWD, Teigen opened up about her 2-year-old daughter, Luna's latest fascination. "Luna is obsessed with sitting on my countertop in the bathroom," the Lip Sync Battle host told the publication, speaking of Luna. "She'll go, ‘Up, up, up,' I put her up there and she loves brushes, using them on her face. Becca sends us tons of clean brushes all the time, so she's always using them."

For those not in the loop, Becca is a reference to Becca Cosmetics — for which Teigen recently launched her second collaboration, E! News reported. The publication guessed that it was the Endless Bronze & Glow compact that Luna has been testing out — since the Glow Boy Oil and the new Glow Gloss colors aren't actually applied with brushes. Then again, what one is "supposed" to do with makeup has never really affected how young children actually apply it. (Just add "makeup artist" to Luna's growing list of talents — including "drummer.")

Case in point: North West, the eldest child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. When it comes to celebrity kids who love playing with their moms' makeup, Luna is in good company. That's because Teigen's good friend, Kim Kardashian can attest to the "struggle." Although her daughter North, 5, is a bit older — and can therefore sneak into her mom's stash without help — both daughters apparently get a kick out of mimicking their mama's beauty routine.

On June 20, the KKW Beauty mogul shared a pair of quirky videos featuring North's sneaky makeup artistry in action, Glamour reported." North, what are you doing with my Mario palette. Turn around," Kardashian said to her daughter, who completely ignored her mom because she was concentrating on herself in the mirror. Eventually though, North bolted because she'd been caught red-handed. In a subsequent clip, Kardashian once again found her daughter and continued the pursuit. "Stop it. Hey, that's not how you put on eye shadow," Kardashian scolded North, after which both of them burst into laughter.

LOL. What is it with kids and makeup? Do they really want to be just like their parents that badly? Or does it have to do more with the fact that they know it's forbidden? Either way, it can be both adorable and extremely frustrating — and sometimes even both at the same time — for caregivers who are just trying to go about their days without cleaning up 1 million messes. I'm pretty sure that all three of my kids have gotten into my makeup bag when they were toddlers. My now 4-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son preferred extremely exaggerated, overdrawn lips. And their younger sister, 2, loves eyeliner all around and under her eyes. One time, I tried cleaning it off and it just looked like she had a black eye. (Mom win!)

Eye-liner black eyes aside, I always love when celebrities share the randomly quirky things about their lives. (Which is probably why I/every other parent on the planet loves Chrissy Teigen so much.) Because honestly, it makes their lavish, always-in-the-spotlight lives seem at least slightly normal. Stars: They really are just like us! (Or not.) But at least it's fun to pretend.