Chrissy Teigen clapped back at trolls who told her to cover up in front of Luna.
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Chrissy Teigen Had The Best Comeback To A Troll Telling Her To "Cover Up" Around Luna

Plenty of women — moms or not — prefer to ditch their uncomfortable work clothes, bras, and whatnot the second they arrive at home, throwing on a pair of comfy lounge pants or pajamas for ultimate unwinding. NBD, right? Well, some apparently think a mom chilling out at home in a robe is apparently scarring her child for life. Thankfully, though, Chrissy Teigen shut down a troll telling her to "cover up" around Luna, pointing the very reason why her kids could care less how "covered up" she is.

On Saturday, the mom of two shared a photo of 3-year-old Luna adjusting her mama's robe while wearing a zebra-print dress herself. "On set with my stylist," Teigen captioned the precious mother-daughter shot. Although plenty of Instagram followers commented about how cute the photo was, there's always that one person who goes and ruins things.

"Jesus cover up your daughter is right there," one disgruntled Instagram user demanded. Wasting no time, Teigen expertly clapped back, writing: "She sucked it for months and didn't mind it much."

I mean, it's true. Teigen has been candid about breastfeeding her babies — even posting photos of her babies while nursing them. So I wonder at what point a mom's breasts suddenly become things that are repulsive and should be hidden from their children at all costs? It doesn't make any sense. At all.

Thankfully, Teigen's fans also had her back in the comments section. (There are nearly 3,000 replies to the original, harsh comment.) One supporter wrote, "Why do people hate on her so much?!? This is ADORABLE and our daughters should be learning to love their bodies, not hide them! P.s. Underwear is uncomfortable."

Another supportive Instagram user pointed out, "As a fellow mom (with kids older than yours) it’s cool to show your kids what it means to be comfortable in your skin. Why are people so weird about it? What’s so odd about skin anyways?"

Yet another person chimed in with, "It's a robe. In her home. With her child. Questions? Why does everything have to be an issue?"

This is hardly the first time Teigen has been mom-shamed for one many other parenting-related reasons over the past four years or so. And they've all been equally as ridiculous. In July 2018, she was slammed for sharing a photo of herself breastfeeding baby Miles while Luna helped her baby doll "feed" out of Teigen's other breast. By November that year, however, Teigen was criticized for a photo of herself giving Miles a bottle. (Sorry, you can't have it both way, folks!)

In conclusion: Moms just can't win. No matter what we do, someone somewhere will find something to shame us for. For the most part, it seems as though Chrissy Teigen acknowledges and accepts this as fact. But when she does choose to shut down the trolls, it's a special treat to fellow moms everywhere. So thank you for the smile today, mama! And please, continue to ignore the trolls and keeping doing you.