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Chrissy Teigen Shuts Down Mom Shamers Who Say She Shouldn't Have Gone To Dinner

by Becky Bracken

Welcome to motherhood. It's the best and I'm so happy for Chrissy Teigen and little Luna. And this weekend my favorite model passed her final mommy milestone — public shaming for an everyday activity. Yes, Chrissy Teigen got mom shamed for going out to dinner. But, as per usual, she handled it with aplomb. The bad news is that there will be much more shaming for her to overcome.

Public scrutiny of motherhood skills just comes with the territory, like stretch marks and athleisure. It doesn't really matter what you do, there's no right answer. Breast feed or bottle feed, organic, cloth, attachment, helicopter, work, nanny, or daycare — there is no choice immune from the clucking of judgmental passersby. There's no soap you can buy, preschool or sports choice that will be met with universal approval. There's no parenting style — no matter how thoughtfully considered— that will pass muster with everyone. And apparently, when you're a well-known celebrity, that judgement extends to eating in a restaurant. I'm sure there's an entire women's studies thesis in there somewhere, but for the purposes of our discussion, let's just keep it simple and say that shaming a mother for eating out after giving birth is absurd.

The thing I love the most about Teigen is that, despite her dazzling beauty, success, fabulous friends, husband, and lifestyle, she's always tried to keep it real. She freely shares her flaws and snarky comments and it always made me feel good to know that I could share something in common with someone as cool and seemingly flawless as Teigen. It's kind of reassuring to know she's not about to change just because she had a baby. Her sense of humor is totally in tact.

Teigen and her husband were photographed going out to dinner a week after having their new baby, Luna, and people just couldn't resist weighing in on how awful that was.

Some of the comments are really freaky.

I cannot come up with one single reason why a new mom shouldn't go out to dinner with her husband after what had to be a very long week, but the internet makes its own rules, people. All we can do is try and keep up (and, well, shut it down, like Teigen did).

And although there were plenty of judge-y folks out there — mostly moms, which is pretty depressing — there were still plenty of people who wanted to lend a little support.

And so, Teigen provided fans with yet another teachable moment about how completely insane it is that society puts so much scrutiny on mothers. What can people do? They should start by judging less, rolling their eyes less, and lecturing a whole hell of a lot less. And mothers, especially, should agree that motherhood is a vastly different journey for every single woman and there really is no "right" way to do it. People should encourage each and every mother they know to just "do her" and take a cue from Teigen by laughing off the haters, whether they're your mother in law or thousands of Twitter followers.

And, when all else fails, get 'em with a good joke like Teigen's perfect response to one of her followers who asked "How's baby Luna?"

Love that girl. Yep, she's gonna be just fine.